Past Students (and some of their theses)


Roy Meshulam.
Yuri Rabinovich.
Alex Samorodnitsky.
Eran London.
Golan Yona.
Avner Magen.
Eyal Rozenman.
Alon Amit.
Shlomo Hoory. Thesis: On Graphs of High Girth
Yonatan Bilu. Thesis: On spectral properties of graphs and their application to clustering
Ori Sasson.Thesis: The protein metric space: A study in clustering
Elon Portugaly. Thesis: Identifying and Classifying Recurrent Evolutionary Conserved Units in Proteins
Adi Shraibman. Thesis awarded the 2008 Nessyhau Prize
Yael Dekel.
Menachem Fromer. Thesis: A probabilistic approach to the design of structural selectivity of proteins.
Lior Aronshtam. Thesis: Thresholds in the theory of random simplicial complexes.
Avraham Morgenstern. Thesis: Local and multidimensional theories of tournaments.
Doron Puder. Thesis: Words Maps and their Combinatorial and Algebraic Aspects. Thesis awarded the 2015 Nessyhau Prize
Amit Daniely. Thesis: The hardness of learning.
Amir Ban. Thesis: The dynamics of reputation systems.
Zur Luria. Thesis: High-dimensional combinatorics.
Chaim Even-Zohar. Thesis: Random knots.
Yuval Peled. Thesis: Phase Transitions in Random Simplicial Complexes. Thesis awarded the 2019 Nessyhau Prize
Shelly Mahlab-Aviv, Thesis: Studying post-translational regulation layers: Modeling the dynamics of molecular interactions in living cells.
Yonatan Mosheiff. Thesis: Combinatorics, Symmetry and Randomness.
Michael Simkin. Thesis: Finding Structure with Randomness.
Nadav Brandes


Shalom Gross.
Yehezkel (Hezi) Mahlev.
Amir Hochbaum.
Uri Gonen.
Jason Cooper.
Ron Kaniel.
Shai Revzen.
Opher Yaron.
Shmuel Ravid.
Rachel Kolodny.
Gil Shafran.
Eyal Rozenman.
David (Dudu) Statter.
Yotam Drier.
Avraham Morgenstern.
Doron Puder.
Golan Pundak.
Yosef Prat.
Amit Daniely.
Adi Ben-Yoash Random Simplicial Complxes and the Construction of Linear Error-Correcting Codes.
Regev Schweiger.
Mishael Rosenthal Sum Complexes.
Roni Rasnic.
Maya Dotan.
Yael haCohen.
Sria Louis Asymptotically almost every 2r-regular graph has an internal partition.
Ruth Malka.
Amir Dahari.