Multilinear Systems and Invariant Theory in the Context of Computer Vision and Graphics


The course is designed to teach the basic ideas behind linear multi-dimensional mappings from high to lower dimensional spaces. These techniques are widely used in 3D modeling of rigid scenes in computer vision and graphics, some aspects of 3D visual recognition, and modeling of non-rigid point configurations applicable to modeling ``actions'' and ``behaviors''. The lectures cover three parts:


Minimal background of basic Linear Algebra is recommended (you need to know what a matrix is and some basic properties), all the rest would be covered in class. Students will be given 3 home assignments (theoretical problems) and will have the option to choose between a final exam or project.

Teaching Staff:

Principal Instructor: Amnon Shashua (
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The class will meet Mondays 9:00 - 11:00 in Gates 159.
The first class will be on Monday, January 14.

All announcements will be made through this class website. All students enrolling in the course are expected to sign up to the mailing list by sending a mail to with a blank subject field and the body being subscribe cs329.

Course Content by Lecture (Syllabus)