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Multiagent Systems Research Group - Critical MAS Director: Professor Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
Week Date Topic Speaker Presentation Background Reading
122 21.12.2015 How to pick your friends? A game theoretic approach to P2P overlay construction Saar Tochner   Abstract
121 14.12.2015 AI and the educational revolution Kobi Gal Paper Abstract
120 22.6.2015 Influence in Classification via Cooperative Game Theory Yair Zick Paper Abstract
119 15.6.2015 Feasibility Study: Using Highways for Bounded-Suboptimal Multi-Agent Path Finding Liron Cohen Paper Abstract
118 8.6.2015 PowerTAC Maria Dyshel   Website
117 27.4.2015 On Sex, Evolution, and the Multiplicative Weights Update Algorithm Reshef Meir Paper Abstract
116 20.4.2015 On Social Networks, Personality and Grading Tests Without Knowing the Answers Yoram Bachrach Paper Abstract
115 13.4.2015 Complexity of Optimal Lobbying in Threshold Aggregation Ilan Nehama Paper Abstract
114 2.3.2015 Cascading to Equilibrium: Hydraulic Computation of Equilibria in Resource Selection Games Yannai Gonczarowski Paper Abstract
113 19.1.2015 Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2015 Conference Practive Talks Yoad Lewenberg, Yonatan Sompolinsky and Aviv Zohar    
112 12.1.2015 Improvements in Selfish Mining Ayelet Sapirstein Paper Abstract
111 29.12.2014 The Miner's Dilemma in Bitcoin Ittay Eyal Paper Abstract
110 22.12.2014 The Big Equilibria Cull: Advances in the effort to make Nash equilibria relevant for voting games Omer Lev Lecture Abstract
109 8.12.2014 Recent Results Regarding the Bitcoin Protocol Yonatan Sompolinsky   Abstract
108 17.11.2014 Graph Theoretic Perspectives on Reasoning about Time in AI Martin Charles Golumbic   Abstract
107 3.11.2014 Bitcoin Mining Pools: A Game Theoretic Analysis Yoad Lewenberg   Abstract
106 24.4.2013 More AAMAS'13 Conference Practice Talks Reshef Meir, Omer Lev    
105 22.4.2013 AAMAS'13 Conference Practice Talks Reshef Meir, Yoad Lewenberg    
104 16.1.2013 Dynamic Pricing with Limited Supply Shani Regev   Paper by Babaioff et al.
103 9.1.2013 Condorcet Cycles and the Independent Anonymous Culture Ilan Nehama    
102 19.12.2012 All-pay auctions: mergers, collusion, types, and failures Omer Lev, Yoad Lewenberg    
101 28.11.2012 Optimal Parking Allocation as Online Bipartite Matching with Posted Prices Reshef Meir   Abstract
100 7.11.2012 The BitCoin Protocol Aviv Zohar    
99 24.10.2012 Organizational Meeting      
98 19.6.2012 Final PhD Talk Michael Zuckerman Lecture  
97 22.5.2012 AAMAS'12 and EC'12 Conference Practice Talks Reshef Meir, Omer Lev, Zinovi Rabinovich, Tali Gutman    
96 28.12.2011 Easy-ACFtors Heuristic Liron Cohen   Abstract
95 21.12.2011 Overlapping Coalition Formation Games: Charting the Tractability Frontier Yair Zick zick2aamas2012.pptx Abstract
94 30.11.2011 WINE practice talks Michael Zuckerman, Reshef Meir, Ilan Nehama   Abstracts
93 25.9.2011 Graph Coalition Structure Generation Maria Polukarov polukarov11.ppt Abstract
92 29.6.2011 Arbitrators in Overlapping Coalition Formation Games Yair Zick ocfarbaamas2011.ppt Abstract
91 31.5.2011 Practice Talks for the BISFAI workshop Michael Zuckerman, Omer Lev, Nir Pochter    
90 17.5.2011 Connecting the Dots Between News Articles Dafna Shahaf infooveril2.pptx Abstract
89 27.4.2011 AAMAS'11 Conference Practice Talks Michael Zuckerman, Reshef Meir aamas11michaelslides.ppt, aamas11reshefslides.pptx Michael's paper, Reshef's paper
88 12.1.2011 Extending Heuristic Search Roni Stern stern11a.pdf Abstract
87 5.1.2011 Conspiracies, Cooperation and Power Yoram Bachrach   Abstract
86 8.12.2010 Masters thesis work discussion Liron Cohen    
85 27.10.2010 COMSOC'10 Conference Report Omer Lev lev10.pdf Abstract
84 31.8.2010 COMSOC'10 Conference Practice Talks Michael Zuckerman, Ilan Nehama    
83 4.7.2010 AAAI'10 Conference Practice Talks Nir Pochter, Aviv Zohar, Reshef Meir    
82 30.5.2010 Reducing the Cost of Combining Admissible Heuristics Erez Karpas karpas10.pdf Abstract
81 29.4.2010 Voting on combinatorial domains: seven classes of solutions Jerome Lang lang10.pdf Abstract
80 15.4.2010 An Approximation Algorithm for the Unweighted Coalitional Manipulation Problem in Maximin Voting Michael Zuckerman    
79 25.3.2010 Negotiating with Humans Using the Diplomacy Game Angela Fabregues fabregues10.pdf Abstract
78 18.3.2010 Cultivating Desired Behaviour: Policy Teaching Via Environment-Dynamics Tweaks Zinovi Rabinovich rabinovich10.pdf Abstract
77 10.2.2010 Human-Agent Teams Frank and Virginia Dignum   Abstract
76 6.1.2010 Congestion-Averse Games Maria Polukarov   Abstract
75 30.12.2009 Imperfect Heuristic Functions in Planning Domains that Contain Transpositions Nir Pochter   Abstract
74 2.12.2009 On the Limits of Dictatorial Classification Reshef Meir meir09b.ppt Abstract
73 28.10.2009 Sequential Auctions with Limited Budgets Aviv Zohar   Abstract
72 24.6.2009 The Shield that Never Was: Societies with Single-Peaked Preferences are More Open to Manipulation and Control Edith Hemaspaandra   Abstract
71 17.6.2009 The Complexity of Llull's Thirteenth-Century Election System Lane Hemaspaandra hemaspaandralane.pptx Abstract
70 27.5.2009 Fictitious Play for a Continuum of Anonymous Players Zinovi Rabinovich rabinovich09.pdf Abstract
69 20.5.2009 Finding the optimal mixed strategy to commit to Vincent Conitzer   Abstract
68 6.5.2009 AAMAS'09 Workshop and Conference Practice Talks Peter Stone, Aviv Zohar, Yoni Peleg    
67 22.4.2009 Effort Games Michael Zuckerman zuckerman09.ppt Abstract
66 25.3.2009 Strategy Proof Classification Reshef Meir meir09.ppt Abstract
65 4.2.2009 The Cost of Stability in Network Flow Games Ezra Resnick resnick09.ppt Abstract
64 21.1.2009 Learning Equilibria in Repeated Congestion Games Aviv Zohar avivzoharjan09.ppt Abstract
63 7.1.2009 Incentivizing Greedy Drivers Using Ramp-Meters Yoni Peleg   Abstract
62 21.12.2008 Effective Computer Agents for Interacting With People Kobi Gal kobigaldec08.pdf Abstract
61 3.12.2008 Approximate Mechanism Design Without Money Ariel D. Procaccia   Abstract, Paper
60 26.11.2008 Towards P2P-Based Resource Allocation in Non-Cooperative Environments Yoni Peleg   Abstract
59 2.7.2008 Multiagent Graph Coloring: Pareto Efficiency, Fairness and Individual Rationality Yaad Blum   Abstract
58 22.6.2008 Nash Equilibria in Simultaneous Auctions Zinovi Rabinovich   Abstract
57 15.6.2008 Congestion games with faulty or asynchronous resources Maria Polukarov   Abstract
56 10.4.2008 Incentives for Honest Behavior in Interdomain Routing with BGP Sharon Goldberg   Abstract
55 3.4.2008 On Voting Caterpillars: Approximating Maximum Degree in a Tournament by Binary Trees Ariel D. Procaccia procaccia08b.pptx Abstract
54 12.3.2008 Computer Science and Mechanism Design: Two Case Studies Vincent Conitzer conitzer08.ppt Abstract
53 6.3.2008 Using Sequence Classification for Filtering Web Pages Ronen Feldman   Abstract
52 21.2.2008 Distributed Multiagent Resource Allocation in Diminishing Marginal Return Domains Yoram Bachrach bachrachb08.ppt Abstract
14.2.2008 Approximating Power Indices Yoram Bachrach bachracha08.ppt Abstract
50 16.1.2008 Resource Allocation in Non-Cooperative P2P environments Yoni Peleg peleg08.ppt Abstract
49 9.1.2008 Approximability and Inapproximability of Dodgson and Young Elections Ariel D. Procaccia procaccia08aDodgson.ppt Abstract
48 20.12.2007 Adding Incentives to Peer-to-Peer Systems Aviv Zohar   Abstract
47 29.11.2007 Best-Reply Mechanisms Aviv Zohar zohar07aCMASbestreply.ppt Abstract
46 8.11.2007 Coalitional Skill Games Yoram Bachrach bachrach07.ppt Abstract
45 11.10.2007 Algorithms for the Coalitional Manipulation Problem (joint work with Michael Zuckerman) Ariel D. Procaccia procaccia07b.ppt Algorithms for the Coalitional Manipulation Problem
44 28.6.2007 Incentive Compatible Regression Learning (joint work with Ofer Dekel and Felix Fischer) Ariel D. Procaccia procaccia07.ppt Abstract
43 14.6.2007 Multiwinner Elections Reshef Meir reshefmeir07.ppt Multi-Winner Elections: Complexity of Manipulation Control and Winner-Determination
42 3.5.2007 Two AAMAS'07 Practice Talks Zinovi Rabinovich, Yoram Bachrach aamas07zinovislides.pdf, aamas07yoramslides.ppt Zinovi's paper, Yoram's paper
41 19.4.2007 The Dynamics Based Control Framework, or How to use the fact that we see only how we want to see Zinovi Rabinovich rabinovichphd.pdf Abstract
40 29.3.2007 Computational Aspects of Covering in Dominance Graphs Felix Fischer fischer07.pdf Abstract
39 22.3.2007 Human Vision --- Basic Structure, Pathways, and Theories Amit Shabtay   Abstract
38 15.3.2007 Intel vPro fighting against malware software and protecting from loss of sensitive data Itai Yarom yarom07.pdf Abstract
37 1.3.2007 Reconsideration, Cooperation and Negotiation in Open Environments Omer Tripp tripp07a.ppt Abstract
36 18.1.2007 Information flow for analysis and control of multi-agent systems Zinovi Rabinovich rabinovich07.pdf Abstract
35 6.12.2006 On Representations and the Complexity of Coalitional Games Michael Wooldridge wooldridge20061206.pdf Abstract
34 30.11.2006 Two COMSOC workshop presentations Ariel D. Procaccia robust.comsoc.ppt, autodesign.comsoc.ppt Automated Design of Voting Rules by Learning from Examples, On the Robustness of Preference Aggregation in Noisy Environments
33 16.11.2006 The BGP routing algorithm from a game-theory perspective (joint work with Michael Schapira and Hagay Levin) Aviv Zohar zohar06b.ppt Abstract
32 2.11.2006 Behaviosites: A Novel Paradigm for Affecting Distributed Behavior Amit Shabtay shabtay06.ppt Behaviosites: A Novel Paradigm for Affecting Distributed Behavior, Behaviosites: Manipulation of Multiagent System Behavior through Parasitic Infection
31 29.6.2006 Robust Mechanisms for Information Elicitation (IAAI and AAAI practice talk) Aviv Zohar iaai06.ppt Robust Mechanisms for Information Elicitation, Mechanisms for Partial Information Elicitation: The Truth But Not the Whole Truth
30 16.3.2006 Robust Mechanisms for Information Elicitation Aviv Zohar zohar06.ppt Robust Mechanisms for Information Elicitation
29 7.12.2005 Social Laws in Alternating Time Michael Wooldridge wooldridge20051207.pdf Social Laws in Alternating Time: Effectiveness Feasibility and Synthesis (University of Liverpool Department of Computer Science Tech Report ULCS-04-017)
28 30.11.2005 Practice talk for EUMAS'05: "Extensive-Form Argumentation Games" Ariel D. Procaccia 0508.gba.ppt Extensive-Form Argumentation Games
27 23.11.2005 Practice talks for EUMAS'05: "Simulation of Cooperative Behavioral Trends by Local Interaction Rules"; "Simulation of Cooperative Behavioral Trends by Local Interaction Rules" Zinovi Rabinovich eumas05a.pdf, eumas05b.pdf Cooperative Behavioral Trends, Dynamics Based Control
26 16.11.2005 Practice talks for EUMAS'05: "The Communication Complexity of Coalition Formation among Autonomous Agents"; "Learning to Identify Winning Coalitions in the PAC Model" Ariel D. Procaccia 0504.comcomplex.ppt, 0505.pac.ppt Communication Complexity, Learning Winning Coalitions
25 25.5.2005 "The Evolution of Communication" by Marc D. Hauser Yaad Blum blum05.ppt Hauser's book online
24 18.5.2005 Focal Points Inon Zuckerman zuckerman05.ppt  
23 10.5.2005 Software Parasites Amit Shabtay shabtay05.ppt  
22 30.3.2005 Automated Technical Stock Trading Agent Michael Mallin mallin05.ppt  
21 16.3.2005 Overview of Network Games Aviv Zohar zohar05.ppt  
20 2.3.2005 Extended Markov Tracking Zinovi Rabinovich rabinovich05.pdf  
19 12.1.2005 Social Network: Advertising, Pricing and All That Zvi Topol topol05.ppt  
18 15.12.2004 Machine Learning on Physical Robots Peter Stone    
17 1.12.2004 Computational Coalition Issues Yoram Bachrach bachrach.ppt Computing Shapley values manipulating value division schemes and checking core membership in multi-issue domains
16 17.11.2004 Biological systems - Octopus arm, Circadian clock, Skeleton muscle Amit Shabtay shabtay.ppt  
15 3.11.2004 Trust-aware Recommender Systems Paolo Massa massa04.pdf  
14 23.6.2004 More Practice Talks for Summer Conferences (Shlomit, Michael Berger, Michael Weinberg) Shlomit Bergman    
13 16.6.2004 Practice Talks for Summer Conferences (Yair, Zvi, Itai, and Zinovi) Yair Weinberger    
12 12.5.2004 Web Services and Planning Zvi Topol topol2.pdf HTN Planning for Web Service Composition Using SHOP2
11 21.4.2004 Negotiation over Tasks   brody.ppt Negotiation over Tasks in Hybrid Human-Agent Teams for Simulation-Based Training
10 31.3.2004 Product Distribution Theory Zinovi Rabinovich rabinovich2.pdf Product Distribution Theory for Control of Multi-agent Systems
9 17.3.2004 The Trading Agents Competition, Supply Chain Management (TAC SCM) Yaad Blum blum.ppt ACM SIGecom Newsletter on TAC SCM 2003
8 3.3.2004 Evolving Social Rationality for MAS using "Tags" Aviv Zohar zohar.ppt  
7 28.1.2003 Hybrid genetic-learning-parenting agents Michael Berger berger.ppt  
6 14.1.2003 Coalitions in congested peer-to-peer networks Shai Roitman roitman.ppt  
5 31.12.2003 Electronic marketplaces Itai Yarom yarom.ppt  
4 17.12.2003 Multiagent learning Michael Weinberg weinberg.ppt  
3 3.12.2003 A new architecture for Planning Zinovi Rabinovich rabinovich.pdf  
2 19.11.2003 Reputation systems Zvi Topol topol.ppt  
1 5.11.2003 Self-organization through bottom-up coalition formation Claudia V. Goldman goldman.pps  

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