Mac OS X rup and rpc.rstatd
BulletMac OS X rup and rpc.rstatd

rpc.rstatd is an RPC daemon that collects some statistics on the host. rup and rsysinfo are clients that can be used to retrieve that information remotely. On Mac OS X, there is neither the clients or the daemon.

I've patched linux's rpc.rstatd, to make it compilable on Mac OS X. As the patches are not complete (and might never be), and as the project is somewhat dead (as there are other remote monitoring methods), I don't think it will ever include these patches. However, if anyone else needs rcp.rstatd/rup/rsysinfo on the mac, he can download my rpc.rstatd patches and compile them himself

Currently supported are: users, uptime, load, cpu usage, and page in/out. Not supported are swap in/out, interrupts and context switches. There's a launchd daemon file included to run rpc.rstatd as a daemon (as launchd doesn't support rpc, the daemon needs to run all the time).