About Me



Well, I don’t have a picture of me, so this is a gecko.

  1. I am Yair Yarom, and I am a programmer.

  2. I work in the System Group of the Computer Science and Engineering School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I help making sure that most things run almost smoothly.

  3. I have an M.Sc degree in Computer Science from the above university, which I did in the Computer Aided Surgery and Medical Image Processing lab.


I spend most of the day (i.e. light hours) in the Hebrew University, Givat Ram, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Rothberg Family Buildings, room B-113 (system room). If you don’t want to walk that far (statistically, it will be far for you), you can simply send me an e-mail to: irush@cs.huji.ac.il   

If you were looking for my (void, null and obsolete) previous site, it is still available (though there’s nothing interesting there).