Harmonic Analysis of Boolean Functions, Weizmann Institute

Spring 2008

Meeting: Mondays, 16-18pm, Room 1
Lecturer: Guy Kindler (gkindler@gmail.com)
Exercise Grader: Amir Yehudayoff (amir's email)
Course Blog: (Course participants, please subscribe) http://boolean-functions.blogspot.com


Lectures and lecture note assignments
You may use this sample file together with this definition file, as a template for your scribe notes. Also, you can try to use sources of previous scribe notes as a basis for yours. Please coordinate which scribes you write with Amir.

Course Description
In this course we will explore the Fourier analysis of Boolean functions, ƒ:{-1,1}n→{-1,1}, and some of their numerous applications in computer science and beyond.

The main prerequisite is some mathematical maturity. Students must also be comfortable with basic probability, calculus, and linear algebra.

Average exercise grade will cover 80% of the final mark, and the other 20% will be given for the scribes.

Related Material
There is no textbook for this course, however useful material and notes can be found on sites of similar courses.

Additional useful reading includes the survey on threshold phenomena and influence by Gil Kalai and Muli Safra, and Daniel Štefankovič's master's thesis.
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