Véronique Prinet

Office B-402
Graphics and Vision Labs
The Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

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Web site : http://www.kesala.net



I am currently a Visiting Researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, working in collaboration witth Prof. Dani Lischinski.

My research is in the areas of Computer vision and Machine Learning, more recently in Computational Photography. I am particularly interested in issues related to low-level vision, image enhancement and manipulation, physics based models for vision.

Illuminant Chromaticity from Image Sequences
V. Prinet, D. Lischinski, M. Werman
ICCV 2013
Project Page (paper, code, data)
Specular Highlight Enhancement from Video Sequences
V. Prinet, M. Werman, D. Lischinski
ICIP 2013


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