Michael Werman

The Institute of Computer Science
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem 91904

e-mail: werman@cs.huji.ac.il
phone: +972-2-54-94541
fax: +972-2-54-94541
office: B506, Rothberg Building, Givat Ram Campus

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Selected publications on-line



Selected publications on-line

Complex-Valued Hough Transforms for Circles.
Marcelo Cicconet, Davi Geiger and  Michael Werman. 
ICIP, 2015.
Event Retrieval Using Motion Barcodes.
G. Ben-Artzi, M. Werman and S. Peleg. 
ICIP, 2015.
Extracting Scar and Ridge Features from 3D-scanned Lithic Artifacts .
E. Richardson, L. Grosman, U. Smilansky and  M. Werman. 
Archaeology in the Digital Era, p. 83, 2014.
Efficient classification using the Euler characteristic.
E. Richardson and M. Werman. 
Pattern Recognition Letters, 2014. Code
Scene Geometry from Moving Objects .
E. Richardson and S. Peleg and M. Werman. 
AVSS, 2014
Ellipses from Triangles .
M. Cicconet and K. Gunsalus and D. Geiger and M. Werman. 
ICIP, 2014
Optical Flow for non Lambertian surfaces by cancelling illuminant chromaticity .
C. Arora and M. Werman. 
ICIP, 2014
Shape Statistics for Cell Division Detection in Time-Lapse Videos of Early Mouse Embryo .
M. Cicconet and K. Gunsalus and D. Geiger and M. Werman. 
ICIP, 2014
Mirror Symmetry Histograms for Capturing Geometric Properties in Images .
M. Cicconet and D. Geiger and K. Gunsalus nd M. Werman. 
CVPR, 2014
Automatic Recovery of the Atmospheric Light in Hazy Images.
M. Sulami and I. Geltzer and R. Fattal  and M. Werman. 
ICCP, 2013
Illuminant Chromaticity from Image Sequences.
V. Prinet and D. Lischinski and M. Werman. 
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013
Specular Highlight Enhancement from Video Sequences.
V. Prinet and M. Werman and D. Lischinski. 
ICIP, 2013
Asymmetric Correlation: a Noise Robust Similarity Measure for Template Matching.
E. Elboher and M. Werman. 
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP), 2013
The Generalized Laplacian Distance and its Applications for Visual Matching.
E. Elboher, M. Werman, and Y. Hel-Or.
CVPR 2013.
The Pairwise Piecewise-Linear Embedding for Efficient Non-Linear Classification.
Ofir Pele, Ben Taskar, Amir Globerson, Michael Werman.
ICML 2013.
Efficient and Accurate Gaussian Image Filtering Using Running Sums.
E. Elboher and M. Werman.
SoCPar 2012, Brunei.
Improving Perceptual Color Difference using Basic Color Terms.
Ofir Pele and Michael Werman.
arXiv 2012.
Content-Aware Automatic Photo Enhancement.
L. Kaufman, D. Lischinski, and M. Werman.
Extracting Scar and Ridge Features from 3D-scanned Lithic Artifacts.
E. Richardson, L. Grossman, U. Smilansky, and M. Werman.
CAA 2012.
Noniterative Exact Solution to the Phase Problem in Optical Imaging Implemented with Scanning Probe Microscope.
D. Honigstein, J. Weinroth, M. Werman, and A. Lewis.
ACS Nano, 2012, 6 (1), pp 220226. DOI: 10.1021/nn203427z
Probabilistic Approach to Pattern Matching in the Continuous Domain.
D. Keren, M. Werman, J. Feinberg.
PAMI 2012.
Cosine Integral Images for Fast Spatial and Range Filtering.
E. Elboher and M. Werman.
ICIP 2011, Brussels.
A curvelet-based patient-specific prior for accurate multi-modal brain image rigid registration.
M. Freiman,  M. Werman and L. Joskowicz.
Medical Image Analysis Volume 15, Issue 1, February 2011, Pages 125-132.
The Quadratic-Chi Histogram Distance Family.
O. Pele and M. Werman.
ECCV 2010. Code
Robust Head Pose Estimation by Fusing Time-of-Flight Depth and Color.
A. Bleiweiss and M. Werman.
MMSP 2010.
Recovering Color and Details of Clipped Image Regions.
E. Elboher and M. Werman.
CGVCVIP 2010. Project page
Robust Real Fusing Time-of-Flight Depth and Color for Real-Time Segmentation and Tracking.
A. Bleiweiss and M. Werman.
Dynamic 3D Imaging 2009.
Fast and Robust Earth Mover's Distances.
O. Pele and M. Werman.
ICCV 2009. Code
Applying Two-Pixel Features to Face Detection.
I. Nissenboim, D. Keren, and M. Werman.
IEEE International Conference on Signal Image Technology and Internet Based Systems, 2008.
A Linear Time Histogram Metric for Improved SIFT Matchings.
O. Pele and M. Werman.
ECCV 2008. Code
Robust Real Time Pattern Matching using Bayesian Sequential Hypothesis Testing
O. Pele and M. Werman.
PAMI, 2008. Code
Accelerating Pattern Matching or How Much Can You Slide?
O. Pele and M. Werman.
ACCV, 2007. Code
Vertical Parallax from Moving Shadows.
Y. Caspi and M. Werman.
CVPR, 2006.
The Bottleneck Geodesic: Computing Pixel Affinity.
I. Omer and M. Werman.
CVPR, 2006.
Affine Invariance Revisited.
E. Begelfor and M. Werman.
CVPR, 2006.
Image Specific Feature Similarities.
I. Omer and M. Werman.
ECCV, 2006.
The World is not (always) Flat or Learning Curved Manifolds.
E. Begelfor and M. Werman.
HUJI-CSE-LTR-2006-191 PAMI, 2006.
How to Put Probabilities on Homographies.
E. Begelfor and M. Werman.
On using priors in affine matching.
V. Govindu and M. Werman.
Image and Vision Computing, V 22, 14, Dec 2004, Pages 1157-1164.
Using Natural Image Properties as Demosaicing Hints.
I. Omer and M. Werman.
ICCV 2004.
Color Lines: Image Specific Color Representation.
I. Omer and M. Werman.
CVPR 2004.
Simulation of Rain in Videos
S. Starik and  M. Werman
  • rain videos
  • Unsupervised Clustering of Images using their Joint Segmentation
    Y. Seldin, S. Starik  and  M. Werman

    The Viewing Graph
    N. Levi and  M. Werman
    CVPR 2003, II:599-606.

    Study of Mutual Information in Perceptual Coding with Application for Low Bit-Rate Compression.
    A. Ben-Shalom, S. Dubnov and M. Werman 
    Fourth International Symposium on Independent Component Analysis and Blind Source Separation. ICA 2003
    Improved Low bit-rate audio compression using reduced rank ICA instead of psychoacoustic modeling.
    A. Ben-Shalom, S. Dubnov and M. Werman 
    IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. ICASSP2003
    Fast Convolution
    M. Werman.
    WSCG 2003, Feb 2003.

    On using Priors in Affine Matching
    V. Govindu, and M. Werman.
    Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, 2002.

    Gradient domain high dynamic range compression
    R. Fattal, D. Lischinski, and M. Werman.
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    OAll Points Considered: A Maximum Likelihood Method for Motion Recovery
    Daniel Keren and Ilan Shimshoni and  Liran Goshen and  Michael Werman.
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    Parameter Estimates for a Pencil of Lines: Bounds and Estimators
    G. Speyer and M. Werman
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    A Bayesian Method for Fitting Parametric and Nonparametric Models to Noisy Data
         M. Werman and D. Keren
    PAMI, 23, 5, 528-534, 2001.

    Texture mixing and texture movie synthesis using statistical learning
         Z. Bar-Joseph, R. El-Yaniv, D. Lischinski, and  M. Werman
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    Self Organization in Vision: Stochastic Clustering for Image Segmentation, Perceptual Grouping, and Image Database Organization
         Y. Gdalyahu, D. Weinshall and M. Werman
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    Structure from Motion using Points, Lines, and Intensities
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    Model Based Pose Estimator using Linear Programming
         M. Ben-Ezra, S. Peleg and M. Werman
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         M. Ben-Ezra, S. Peleg, and M. Werman
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    A Full Bayesian Approach to Curve and Surface Reconstruction
         D. Keren and M. Werman
    JMIV, 11, 27-43, 1999.

    Robot Localization using Uncalibrated Camera Invariants
         M. Werman, S. Banerjee, S. Dutta Roy and M. Qiu. 
    IEEE CVPR'99, II:353-359, June 23-25, Fort Collins, Colorado, 1999.

    Trajectory Triangulation over Conic Sections
         A. Shashua, S. Avidan and M. Werman
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    Minimal Decomposition of Model-Based Invariants,

      Weinshall and M. Werman
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    A method for on-line clustering of non-stationary data
         I.D. Guedalia, M. London and M Werman
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    Real-Time Object Tracking from a Moving Video Camera: A Software Approach on a PC
         Y. Rosenberg and M. Werman
    IEEE Workshop on Applications of Comuter Vision, Princeton, Oct 1998, pp. 238-239.

    Representing local motion as a probability distribution matrix applied to object tracking
         Y. Rosenberg and M. Werman
    CVPR, 1997, pp. 654--659.

    A General Filter for Measurements with any Probability Distribution
         Y. Rosenberg and M. Werman
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    On View Likelihood and Stability
         D. Weinshall and M. Werman,
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         M. Werman and A. Shashua
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    Fitting a Second Degree Curve if Both Coordinates are Subject to Error
         M. Werman and Z. Geyzel
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    Trilinearity of Three Perspective Views and its Associated Tensor
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    Computing 2D Min, Max and Median Filters
         Y. Gil and  M. Werman
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    Finding the Repeated Median Regression Line
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    Segmenting and Compressing by Minimal Length Encoding
         D. Keren and R. Marcus and M. Werman
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    A Unified Approach to the Change of Resolution: Space and Gray-Level
         S. Peleg and M. Werman and H. Rom
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    Inverting the autocorrelation and the problem of locating points on a line, given unlabelled distances between them
         P. Lemke and M. Werman
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    Halftoning as Optimal Quantization
        S. Peleg and M. Werman
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    Min max operators in texture analysis
       M. Werman and S. Peleg
    Trans. on PAMI, Vol 7, Nov. 1985, pp. 730-733.

    I am always looking to supervise bright and motivated graduate students in areas relating to computer vision, image processing, graphics and geometric or statistical algorithms. Please take at least a cursory look at some of my online papers before contacting me.