Omri Abend

School of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Cognitive Science
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

I am a faculty member in the Hebrew University. My fields of interest are Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. Specifically, I conduct research on semantic (meaning) representation from a computational perspective. My research is tightly linked to statistical learning, language technology, such as machine translation and information extraction, and to the computational modeling of child language acquisition.

Some of the projects/research questions I am engaged in:

Please consider participating in the
CoNLL 2020 Shared Task on Cross-Framework Meaning Representation Parsing
(includes SDP, EDS, AMR, DRG and UCCA parsing)

For Prospective Students: I am looking for bright and motivated prospective research students, interested in natural language processing, computational linguistics and related machine learning topics, to join my group. Please contact me for more details.

Brief Bio: I am the John S. Cohen Senior Lecturer in the Hebrew University, working in the departments of Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Previously I was a Research Associate (post-doc) working with Mark Steedman under the GramPlus project. I did my PhD in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, supervised by Ari Rappoport. During my PhD studies, I was a member of the Azrieli Fellows Program. Before that, I studied mathematics and cognitive sciences in the Hebrew University (B.Sc, summa cum laude).

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I regularly take part in the program committees for the conferences ACL, NAACL, EMNLP, CoNLL, COLING, *SEM and associated workshops, and served as an area chair for ACL 2017 and EMNLP 2018. I also served as a reviewer for CL journal and JAIR.

I was lead organizer and program co-chair for ISCOL 2017, the Israel Seminar of Computational Linguistics. I was also a program co-chair for ISCOL 2016.

I co-organized (with Anna Korhonen, Roi Reichart and Ari Rappoport) two workshops on Unsupervised Learning in NLP. UNSUP 2011 was held as an EMNLP workshop. ROBUS-UNSUP 2012 was held jointly with ROBUS (organized by Chris Biemann and Anders Sogaard) as an EACL workshop.


2016-Now : Natural Language Processing (Lecturer)

2016-Now : Meaning and Computation (Lecturer)

2016-Now : Advanced Practical Course in Machine Learning (co-Lecturer)

2018-Now : Introduction to the Study of Language (co-Lecturer)

2017-Now : Analysis for Cognitive Science Students (Lecturer)

2013 : Human Language from a Computational Standpoint (TA)

2006-2010 : Algorithms (TA)

Contact Info

Omri Abend
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Rothberg Building A, Room A527
Edmond Safra Campus, Givat Ram
The Hebrew University
Jerusalem, 9190401, Israel
Phone: +972-25494671
e-mail: oabend at cs dot huji dot ac dot il


I practice Judo regularly and am a certified Judo guide. From time to time, I also compete. Here is a picture of me with Sensei Murata.

I am also a great fan of desert hiking (Israel has a lot to offer in this respect).

In ACL 2010 held in Uppsala.