10th Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing

In Conjunction with SIGMETRICS 2004
Columbia University, New York, NY
June 13, 2004

This marks the 10th anniversary of this series of workshops!

Workshop organizers:

Dror Feitelson, The Hebrew University
Larry Rudolph, MIT
Uwe Schwiegelshohn, University Dortmund

Program Comittee:

Su-Hui Chiang, Portland State University
Walfredo Cirne, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
Allen Downey, Olin College
Eitan Frachtenberg, LANL
Wolfgang Gentzsch, Sun Microsystems
Allan Gottlieb, New York University
Moe Jette, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Richard Lagerstrom, Cray Inc.
Virginia Lo, University of Oregon
Reagan Moore, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Bill Nitzberg, Altair Grid Technologies
Mark Squillante, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
John Towns, NCSA

Technical Program:

The papers currently available here are those presented at the workshop. The definitive versions of these papers are available from Springer (see below).

Session 1: The Parallel Job Scheduling Scene

"Parallel Job Scheduling -- A Status Report"
Dror Feitelson, Larry Rudolph, and Uwe Schwiegelshohn

"Are user runtime estimates inherently inaccurate?"
Cynthia Bailey Lee, Yael Schwartzman, Jeniffer Hardy, and Allen Snavely

"Time-Critical Scheduling on a Well Utilised HPC System Using Resource Reservations"
Graham Holt

"Parallel Computer Workload Modeling with Markov Chains"
Baiyi Song, Carsten Ernemann, and Ramin Yahyapour

Session 2: Policies and Considerations

"Performance Implications of Failures in Large-Scale Cluster scheduling"
Yanyong Zhang, Mark S. Squillante, Anand Sivasubramaniam, and Ramendra K. Sahoo

"Improving Speedup and Response Times by Replicating Parallel Programs on a SNOW"
Gaurav D. Ghare and Scott T. Leutenegger

"Inferring the Topology and Traffic Load of Parallel Programs Running In a Virtual Machine Environment"
Ashish Gupta and Peter A. Dinda

Session 3: Grid Scheduling

"Costs and Benefits of Load Sharing in the Computational Grid"
Darin England and Jon B. Weissman

"Workload Characteristics of a Multi-cluster Supercomputer"
Hui Li, David Groep, and Lex Walters

"A Dynamic Co-Allocation Service in Multicluster Systems"
J. M. P. Sinaga, H. H. Mohammed, and D. H. J. Epema

"Exploiting replication and data reuse to efficiently schedule data-intensive applications on grids"
Elizeu Santos-Neto, Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Brasileiro, and Aliandro Lima

Session 4: Clusters and Systems

"Multi-toroidal Interconnects: Using Additional Communication Links to Improve Utilization of Parallel Computers"
Yariv Aridor, Tamar Domany, Oleg Goldshmidt, Edi Shmueli, Jose E. Moreira, and Larry Stockmeyer

"Enhancements to the Decision Process of the Self-Tuning dynP Scheduler"
Achim Streit

"Reconfigurable Gang Scheduling Algorithm"
Luís Fabrício Wanderley Góes and Carlos Augusto Paiva da Silva Martins

"Lookahead Matchmaking for Multi-Resource Coscheduling"
Angela C. Sodan and Lei Lan


The proceedings of this workshop were published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes on Computer Science series, as volume 3277. It is also available from Springer on-line, with the option to purchase single papers.

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