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Based on our unique combined experience in CAD and FEM we launch an action in IGA, in relation with the best labs in this new field
IGA combine the use of CAD type basis functions (ex NURBS or more...) , as a FEM type basis with the great idea (thank you Tom!)
of using the CAD definition as the physical domain. We do not come back on an element per element basis from the geometry to the reference element, but instead use the CAD transformation (ie the maping from the parametric NURBS space to the physical spaces.)
We have been advocating for years to use "physical measures" in CAD and not parametric one. Tom Hughes had the great idea to use the full maping and that changes a lot of things. From there, for instance, the Pavia group ( see IMETI) found the proper way to define vector degrees of freedom beyond the simple Raviart-Thomas ones.

Computer Aided Geometric Design

Finite Element Method

High Perfomance Scientific Computation

Mathematical Modeling

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