The projects below walk you through a step-by-step construction of a typical computer. The first five projects focus on the construction of the computer's hardware and assembler. The remaining projects deal with the construction of the computer's software hierarchy, and with the implementation of a simple Java-like language.

Each project is essentially a series of implementation projects. Alltogether there are some 300 such projects, each being a stand-alone hardware element (e.g. a gate or a chip) or an independent software module (e.g. a class or a method). Each project has an executable solution that can be plugged into the project without gaining access to the underlying source code.

No. Name Deadline weight twist
Project 1 Boolean Logic 03/11/2006 5  
Project 2 Boolean Arithmetic 03/11/2006 5  
Project 3 Sequential Logic 10/11/2006 5  
Project 4 Machine Language 17/11/2006 5  
Project 5 Computer Architecture 24/11/2006 5 More than meets the eye
Project 6 The Assembler 01/12/2006 5 Compact your assembler
Project 7 Virtual Machine I 12/12/2006 5  
Project 8 Virtual Machine II 19/12/2006 10 Memory costs money
Project 9 The High Level Language 29/12/2007 10 Games should be fun
Project 10 The Compiler I: Syntax Analysis 09/01/2007 6  
Project 11 The Compiler II: Code Generation 16/01/2007 9  
Project 12 The Operating System 26/01/2007 10  
Interview Includes all of the above From 09/01/2007 20