Leo Joskowicz: Mechanical CAD

School of Engineering and Computer Science
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Computer-Aided Mechanical Assembly Design

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2D configuration space
3D configuration space
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Prof. Leo Joskowicz  School of Engineering and Computer Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
Prof. Elisha Sacks   Department of Computer Science, Purdue University, USA
Ralf Schultheiss   Ford Motor Company, Koln, Germany.
Dr. Uwe Hinze   Ford Motor Company, Koln, Germany.
Min-ho Kyung   Purdue University, USA.
Dr. Ku-Jin Kim   Ajou University, South Korea.


Yaron Ostrovski-Berman   School of Engineering and Computer Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem  

This research is part of the Geometric Modelling and Computer Graphics Laboratory , the Computer Aided Design Laboratory , and the Visualization Center, Purdue University, USA.


We have been developing over the past ten years the configuration space paradigm for rigid-body contact analysis and computer-aided mechanical systems design. Contact analysis is a fundamental problem because it is an ubiquitous prerequisite in many tasks in robotics, mechanical design, manufacturing, and computer graphics.

We have shown that configuration space, which dates back to the past century, is a paradigm for major advances in computer-aided mechanical design because it is a systematic and comprehensive computational framework within which practical contact analysis and mechanical systems design tasks can be automated for many applications. It improves upon previous work in mechanical engineering and robotics by automating unexpected contact change analysis, and upon previous work in computational geometry and motion planning by providing algorithms that handle curved geometry, many moving parts, and well-defined classes of useful mechanical systems.

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