Prof. Shmuel Peleg
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Video Presentations

Multimedia Presentation Dynamosaics: Dynamic Mosaics with Non-Chronological Time (53 Minutes), at Microsoft Research, January 21, 2005. Internet Explorer Needed.

Multimedia Presentation Video Mosaicing for Non-Chronological Time Editing (51 Minutes), Google Tech Talk, June 26, 2007.

Multimedia Presentation Video Synopsis: Making an Infinite Video Shorter (50 Minutes), at Microsoft Research, June 27, 2007. Internet Explorer Needed.

Multimedia Presentation "צילום חישובי׃ יציאה ממגבלות המצלמה" (In Hebrew, 60 Minutes), The Hebrew University, Nov 7, 2010. Talk starts at Minute 17:30.

Multimedia Presentation A Japanese TV Program (2005) showing the use of mosaicing technology by Emaki (In Japanese, 6:30 minutes). Nice to watch even without understanding Japanese. Papers implemented in this work are Mosaicing on Adaptive Manifolds and Rectified Mosaicing: Mosaics without the Curl.
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