Prof. Shmuel Peleg
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Former PhD Students

Haim Schweitzer, PhD, 1986. Mathematical Models in Image Processing and Pattern recognition.

Michael Werman, PhD, 1986. A Distance Measure for the Comparison of Pictures and Shapes.

Daniel Keren, PhD, 1991. Probabilistic Analysis of Interpolation in Computer Vision. (Joint advisor: Michael Werman)

Yacov Hel-Or, PhD, 1993. Model Based Pose Estimation from Uncertain Data. (Joint advisor: Michael Werman)

Michal Irani, PhD, 1994. Multiple Motions in Image Sequences - Analysis and Applications.

Hagit Zabrodsky (Hel-Or), PhD, 1994. Computational Aspects of Pattern Characterization - Continuous Symmetry.

Nicolas Merlet, PhD, 1996. Integration of Global Information for Feature Matching in Stereo Vision and for Road Detection in Satellite Images.

Benny Rousso, PhD, 1998. Recovery of 3D Motion and Structure from a Sequence of Images.

Moshe Ben-Ezra, PhD, 2000. Real Time, Robust Motion Analysis of Image Sequences.

Assaf Zomet, PhD, 2003. New Images from Old: Changing Viewing Geometry and Resolution.

Alex Rav-Acha, PhD, 2007. Spatio-Temporal Video Editing.

Yael Pritch, PhD, 2011. Re-Structuring of Images and Video.

Yair Poleg, PhD, 2015. Egocentric Video Analysis.

Yedid Hoshen, PhD, 2015. Human Centric Video Summarization.

Gil Ben-Artzi, PhD, 2016. Matching Across Different Viewpoints for Retrieval and Calibration. (Joint advisor: Michael Werman)

Ariel Ephrat, PhD, 2018. Learning-Driven Applications of Visual Speech.

Tavi Halperin, PhD, 2019. Alignment and Separation of Multiple Audio-Visual Sources.

Former MSc Students

Joseph (Seffi) Naor, MSc, 1983. The Applications of Fractals in Texture Analysis.

Alon Nathan, MSc, 1985. Classification and tracking using local optimization.

Orna Federbush (Artsi), MSc, 1988. Image Pyramids: Data Structure, Models, and Applications.

Yacov Hel-Or, MSc, 1988. Characterization of Right-Handed and Left-Handed Objects.

Gad Ron, MSc, 1989. Fast Shape from Shading Algorithms.

Michal Irani, MSc, 1989. Super Resolution from Image Sequences.

Doron Sherman, MSc, 1989. Stereo by Incremental Matching of Contours.

Hillel Rom, MSc, 1989. Motion Based Segmentation.

Eyal Piassetzky (Ofek) , MSc, 1991. Relative Orientation by Multi-Scale Contour Matching.

Irit Shoham (Naveh), MSc, 1992. Locating Human Faces in Images.

Moshe Ben-Ezra, MSc, 1995. Enhancement of Video Compression by Layered Motion Analysis.

Ran Cohen, MSc, 1995. Dubbing Movies: Adjusting Lip Movement to a New Sound Track.

Ilan Finci, MSc, 1998. Mosaicing with General Strips.

Alex Rav-Acha, MSc, 2001. Restoration of Multiple Images with Varying Motion Blur.

Yael Pritch, MSc, 2001. Panoramic Stereo Imaging Construction and Enhancement.

Yair Movshovitz-Attias, MSc, 2010. Persistent Particle Filters for Background Subtraction.

Avishai Hendel, MSc, 2010. Identifying Surprising Events in Videos Using Bayesian Topic Models. (Joint advisor: Daphna Weinshall)

Eitam Kav-Venaki, MSc, 2010. Image Synthesis and Editing via Graph-Labeling.

Yair Poleg, MSc, 2012. Alignment and Mosaicing of Non-Overlapping Images.

Tavi Halperin, MSc, 2015. EgoSampling: Fast Forward and Stereo for Egocentric Video.

Ariel Ephrat, MSc, 2015. Compact CNN for Indexing Egocentric Videos.

Yoni Kasten, MSc, 2016. Epipolar Geometry from Moving Objects using Line Motion Barcodes.

Asaph Shamir, MSc, 2018. Visual Speech Enhancement.

Avital Shafran, MSc, 2020. Crypto-Oriented Neural Architecture Design.

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