Guy Hacohen

PhD student in Computer Science and ELSC @ Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Office: Room B-403, Rothberg Building
Email: guy.hacohen at
About Me

I am a PhD student at Daphna's Weinshall Lab, supervised by Prof. Daphna Weinshall.
I am doing my PhD in the ELSC graduate program.
My research focuses on curriculum learning and understanding of deep learning.

  • Principal Components Bias in Deep Neural Networks
    Guy Hacohen and Daphna Weinshall
  • Let's Agree to Agree: Neural Networks Share Classification Order on Real Datasets
    Guy Hacohen, Leshem Choshen and Daphna Weinshall
    ICML, 2020.
    [arXiv] [Oral Presentation]
  • On The Power of Curriculum Learning in Training Deep Networks
    Guy Hacohen and Daphna Weinshall
    ICML, 2019.
    [arXiv] [GitHub] [Spotlight]