Domain: Preliminary model of the biological processes of a water purification plant.

Reference: The network was developed by Finn V. Jensen, Uffe Kjśrulff, Kristian G. Olesen, and Jan Pedersen.

author =     "Finn V. Jensen and Uffe Kj{\ae}rulff and Kristian G. Olesen and Jan Pedersen",
title =     "Et forprojekt til et ekspertsystem for drift af spildevandsrensning (An Expert System for Control of Waste Water Treatment --- A Pilot Project)",
institution =    "Judex Datasystemer A/S, Aalborg, Denmark",
year =     1989,
note =    "In Danish"

Contributer: Uffe Kjaerulff.

Available formats:

Figure: water.small.ps.gz (one page figure) water.ps.gz (multi-page figure)

Additional Info: water.num, an elimination ordering (by Uffe Kjaerulff).

Notes: The network consists of four structurally identical subnetworks, each representing a time slice of 15 minutes.