Domain: A preliminary model for insulin dose adjustment..

Reference: The model has been developed by Steen Andreassen (sa@miba.auc.dk), Roman Hovorka, Jonathan Benn, Kristian G. Olesen, and Ewart R. Carson.

author =     "Steen Andreassen and Roman Hovorka and Jonathan Benn and Kristian G. Olesen and Ewart R. Carson",
title =     "A Model-based Approach to Insulin Adjustment",
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year =     1991,
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Contributer: Uffe Kjaerulff.

Available formats:

Figure: diabetes.small.ps.gz (one page figure) diabetes.ps.gz (multi-page figure)

Additional Info: diabetes.num, an elimination ordering (by Uffe Kjaerulff).

Notes: The model consists of 24 structurally identical subnetworks interconnected via temporal links..