Ephraim Silverberg

Ephraim was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and "made aliya" in late 5742 (1982) at age 19, transferring from the end of first year Engineering Science at the University of Toronto to second year engineering at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion, Haifa).

Completing his B.Sc in Computer Engineering at the Technion, he continued on there to finish an M.Sc in Electrical Engineering in 5748 (early 1988).

Ephraim started working as a Unix Systems Programmer at the Technion's Electrical Engineering department in early 5746 (fall of 1985) and continued in that and other departments until early 5750.

After Chanukah 5750 (January 1990), Ephraim served 2.5 years in the Israel Defence Forces. Following his discharge from the army in the summer of 5752 (1992), he worked for a year at the Israel Armament Authority in his field of Unix Programming. Currently, he is one of the Computer Science System Group at Hebrew University.

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Business number: +972 (2) 549 4521

Facsimile number: +972 (2) 549 4521

Electronic address: ephraim@cs.huji.ac.il