Summary of Background

Heading the team that developed Transis, a highly available distributed system. Research areas: distributed algorithms, computer networks, reliability of distributed systems, synchronization primitives, scheduling theory, protocols and security. Research on the durability of distributed systems to faults and developing an absolute taxonomy for distributed algorithms. Prof. Dolev had six years of experience as a system analyst and applications' programmer with a particular experience in real-time systems. He developed a Dogfight tracking system with playback and editing functions for helping pilots to analyze their performance during training fights.


He was the chairman of the National Committee for Information Technology and Infrastructure. During that period we have initiated several nationwide projects, including the Internet 2 project.  He was the chairman of the Inter University Communication Center.  IUCC is in charge of the network of all the universities in Israel. He co-authored with Knesset Member M. Eitan the position document on Israel’s readiness to the Information Era.


He is a consultant to various companies.  He spent many years in IBM and was part of the team that designed the protocols for the air traffic control system in the USA.