Three Renditions of One Digital Negative

This page shows three different interpretations generated from the same digital negative using our tool. Left: warm sky, high exposure in the foreground. Middle: cooler sky, medium exposure in the foreground. Right: an even cooler sky, very little exposure in the foreground leaving almost no detail but the silhouette. RAW image courtesy of Norman Koren,

Instructions: Roll your mouse over each thumbnail to see a larger version of the corresponding image appear below. This makes it possible to easily flip back and forth between the three versions. Clicking on a thumbnail shows the corresponding full resolution result.

Warm sky
Cool sky Black foreground

Input brush strokes used to produce these images: Strokes are superimposed over an initial default mapping. Basic brush strokes are shown in blue, lumachrome brush strokes are shown in green.

strokes used for warm & cool versions

strokes used for black foreground version