HDR Tone Mapping

One option we experimented with is to use the tone mapping algorithm proposed by Tumblin and Turk [1999], but replace their LCIS-based multi-scale decomposition with our WLS-based decomposition. Below we show two tonemapped results that were produced in this manner. In the leftmost image, our goal was to achieve a rather flat image with exaggerated local contrasts (similar, but more extreme than the typical result produced with LCIS on this image). This was achieved by strongly compressing the base, and boosting the fine scale detail layer. In the rightmost image, we pursued a more photographic look but with more depth in the highlights than what is possible with Reinhard's photographic operator. We achieved this result by using less compression of the base and moderate boosting of the coarser detail layers.

Instructions: Roll your mouse over each thumbnail to see a larger version of the image appear below. This makes it possible to easily flip back and forth between the images.

WLS: increased detail visibility
LCIS [Tumblin and Turk 1999]

[Reinhard et al. 2002]

WLS: a photographic look

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