Feature-Based Design of Fonts Using Constraints

Ariel Shamir and Ari Rappoport

Computer-aided font design is still a very tedious and repetitive task. New font models and new functionalities presented by digital media further require a new method for design of font families and dynamic variable fonts. Current design paradigms are either outline based, offering low level operations, or parametric but non-visual through programming. Parametric feature based design helps in creating a design environment for high level parametric font design. However, the approaches suggested so far are too restrictive in their definition of features, and none of them utilises constraints in feature definition and design.

We present a new approach for parametric feature based font design. Our approach extends the definition and use of features by defining inexplicit feature parts using constraints. Furthermore, the visual design system and the use of constraints for preserving designer's intentions create a more natural environment in which high level parametric behaviors can be defined. This simplifies design of single fonts but also enables the simultaneous design of font families through parameterization.

Electronic Publishing, Artistic Imaging and Digital Typography, Proc. of the EP'98 and RIDT'98 Conferences, St Malo, March 30 - April 3, 1998. Eds. Roger D. Hersch, Jacques Andre, Heather Brown, LNCS, Springer Verlag, 1998. Presented at Raster Imaging and Digital Typography 1998 (RIDT '98), April 1998.