New Human Computer Interfaces
Amnon Dekel

Human computer interface design has undergone many changes in the last decade. Most notable are areas such as Tangible interfaces, Ambient interfaces and Multi-Modal Interfaces, both in static and mobile configurations. This course will look at the history of such interface designs, analyze a number of representative cases, and will then focus on the planning, design and rapid prototyping of interfaces by students. During the course students will gain knowledge about new HCI methodologies, design, processes, and implementation methods with embedded microcontrollers, analog and digital IO, sensors and actuators.

Prerequisites: Year 2 and above at the School of Engineering and Computer Science.

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About Amnon Dekel

Amnon Dekel has a background in three disciplines:

  • Research in novel human computer interaction
  • Information technology
  • Digital media.

The twenty five years since Amnon programmed his first computer (a ZX-80) have been spent by him in studying computer science, being an Air Traffic Controller, getting a BA and an MA degree in cognitive psychology, an MPS degree in Interactive Telecommunications (NYU), producing award winning and Pulitzer nominated web sites (for the likes of the Discovery Channel and the New York Times online), designing and developing desktop and web based applications, developing interactive digital art installations, teaching, industry consulting, co-founding an AOL funded internet startup, serving as Vice President in Charge of User Experience at TriPlay Inc. and as of last year, working on his PhD in Computer Science (focusing on embedded and pervasive computing for Smart Environments) under Prof Scott Kirkpatrick. Lately, Amnon has started collaborating with Hila Dar and Ezri Tarazi from the bezalel Academy of Art Design on TEXperience, a course in which they hope to instill their enthusiasm, wonder, and interest in the merging of computational technology with human experience, in all its forms, to design students.

Amnon's CV