Computer-Aided Surgery and Medical Image Processing Laboratory

School of Computer Science and Engineering
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Fast and high-fidelity visualization of volumetric data sets


reconstruted fetus
from ultrasound data

brain reconstruction
from MRI data


D. Lischinski, R. Fattal, Ziv Soferman (Biomedicom Ltd.)

Project description

This project focuses on volume visualization and rendering of medical datasets. We are developing new data structures and algorithms for the representation, manipulation and real-time display of medical data sets, particularly MRI and 3D Ultrasound. Jointly with Biomedicom, the goal is develop new volume visualization tools with emphasis on interactive speed (with or without special purpose hardware acceleration) and high image quality. Using techniques from image-based representation of 3D objects and in image-based rendering technology, we explore the adaptation of image-based representations and rendering algorithms to design new fast algorithms for volume visualization. The project is funded by the IZMEL consortium on image-guided therapy.

Fore more information on variational classification for visualization of 3d ultrasound data, see this web page

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