Computer-Aided Surgery and Medical Image Processing Laboratory

School of Computer Science and Engineering
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Registration technology for real-time imaging and tracking

Distortion correction
Xray Carm
Calibration phantom
Registration phantom


L. Joskowicz, O. Sadowsky, Z. Yaniv, D. Knaan, H. Livyatan, N. Persky (DenX Ltd), N. Glossop (Traxtal Technologies)

Project description

The goal of this project is to develop generic algorithms and protocols for accurate registration and integration of volumetric CT preoperative images with real-time intraoperative X-ray images and tracking data. We are developing image correction and registration algorithms, and are testing their accuracy on a variety of phantoms.

Recently, we have developed methods, materials, and experimental results for determining the in-vitro accuracy of algorithms and protocols for rigid registration. We quantify the in-vitro accuracy of contact-based methods (fiducials and landmark + cloud of points) and fiducial fluoroscopic X-ray image-based methods for active optical tracking. Our experiments show sub-millimetric accuracy for contact-based registration and 2mm accuracy for fiducial image-based registration.

The research is done in conjuction with Denex Ltd and is supported by the IZMEL Consurtium on Image-guided Therapy.

We are also exploring image-based intensity-based registration with digitally reconstructed radiographs (DRRs) optained from CT scans.


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