Guy Hacohen

PhD student in Computer Science and ELSC @ Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Office: Room B-403, Rothberg Building
Email: guy.hacohen at
About Me

I'm a part of the ELSC international graduate program. I conduct my research at Prof. Prof. Daphna's Weinshall Lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
My long-term goal is to understand how deep models interact with data. My recent research takes inspiration from the learning of humans and focuses on the importance of different sets of examples at various stages of the learning process of neural networks. My recent works include curriculum learning, active learning on low budgets, and characterization of the learning process of deep models.

  • Active Learning Through a Covering Lens
    Ofer Yehuda, Avihu Dekel, Guy Hacohen and Daphna Weinshall
    NeurIPS 2022
  • Active Learning on a Budget: Opposite Strategies Suit High and Low Budgets
    Guy Hacohen, Avihu Dekel and Daphna Weinshall
    ICML 2022
    [arXiv] [Blog post] [GitHub] [Spotlight]
  • The Grammar-Learning Trajectories of Neural Language Models
    Leshem Choshen, Guy Hacohen, Daphna Weinshall, Omri Abend
    ACL, 2022.
  • Principal Components Bias in Over-parameterized Linear Models, and its Manifestation in Deep Neural Networks
    Guy Hacohen and Daphna Weinshall
    JMLR 2022
    [arXiv] [60 minutes lecture]
  • Let's Agree to Agree: Neural Networks Share Classification Order on Real Datasets
    Guy Hacohen, Leshem Choshen and Daphna Weinshall
    ICML, 2020.
    [arXiv] [Oral Presentation]
  • On The Power of Curriculum Learning in Training Deep Networks
    Guy Hacohen and Daphna Weinshall
    ICML, 2019.
    [arXiv] [GitHub] [Spotlight]