4th Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing

In Conjunction with IPPS/SPDP '98
Delta Orlano Resort, Orlando, Florida
March 30, 1998

Workshop organizers:

Dror Feitelson, The Hebrew University
Larry Rudolph, MIT

Program Comittee:

Stephen Booth, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
Allan Gottlieb, New York University
Atsushi Hori, Real World Computing Partnership
Phil Krueger, Sequent Computer Corp.
Richard Lagerstrom, Cray Research Inc.
Miron Livny, University of Wisconsin
Virginia Lo, University of Oregon
Reagan Moore, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Bill Nitzberg, NASA Ames Research Center
Uwe Schwiegelshohn, Dortmund University
Ken Sevcik, University of Toronto
Mark Squillante, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
John Zahorjan, University of Washington
Songnian Zhou, Platform Computing

Technical Program:

The definitive versions of these papers are available from Springer (see below).

Session 1: Benchmarking

Opening remarks

"Metrics and Benchmarking for Parallel Job Scheduling"
Dror Feitelson (Hebrew University)
Larry Rudolph (MIT)

Session 2: Systems

"A Comparative Study of Real Workload Traces and Synthetic Workload Models for Parallel Job Scheduling"
Virginia Lo, Jens Mache, and Kurt Windisch (University of Oregon)

"Lachesis: A Job Scheduler for the Cray T3E"
Allen B. Downey (SDSC)

"A Resource Management Architecture for Metacomputing Systems"
Karl Czajkowski and Carl Kesselman (University of Southern California)
Ian Foster, Stuart Martin, Warren Smith, and Steve Tuecke (ANL)

"Implementation of the Combination of Time Sharing and Space Sharing on AP/Linux"
Kuniyasu Suzaki and David Walsh (Australian National University)

Session 3: Potpourri

"Job Scheduling Scheme for Pure Space Sharing among Rigid Jobs"
Kento Aida (Tokyo Inst. Technology)
Hironori Kasahara and Seinosuke Narita (Waseda University)

"Predicting Application Run Times Using Historical Information"
Warren Smith and Ian Foster (ANL)
Valerie Taylor (Northwestern University)

"Job Scheduling Strategies for Networks of Workstations"
B. B. Zhou, R. P. Brent, D. Walsh, and K. Suzaki (Australian National University)

"Probabilistic Loop Scheduling Considering Communication Overhead"
Sissades Tongsima, Chantana Chantrapornchai, and Edwin H.-M. Sha (University of Notre Dame)

Session 4: Gang Scheduling

"Improving First-Come-First-Serve Job Scheduling by Gang Scheduling"
Uwe Schwiegelshohn and Ramin Yahyapour (University Dortmund)

"Expanding Symetric Multiprocessor Capability Through Gang Scheduling"
Morris A. Jette (LLNL)

"Overhead Analysis of Preemptive Gang Scheduling"
Atsushi Hori, Hiroshi Tezuka, and Yutaka Ishikawa (RWCP)

"Dynamic Coscheduling on Workstation Clusters"
Patrick G. Sobalvarro and William E. Weihl (DEC SRC)
Scott Pakin and Andrew A. Chien (University of Illinois)


The proceedings of this workshop were published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes on Computer Science series, as volume 1459. It is also available from Springer on-line, with the option to purchase single papers.

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