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The Transis Project Papers

All the papers in here are also available through our old ftp site. Just ftp to ftp.cs.huji.ac.il and go to /users/transis/ .


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Papers 1998:

  • Tal Anker, Gregory V. Chockler, Danny Dolev and Idit Keidar
    Scalable Group Membership Services for Novel Applications.
    ps, ps.gz
    abstract & reference.

  • Idit Keidar and Danny Dolev
    Increasing the Resilience of Distributed and Replicated Database Systems
    ps, ps.gz
    abstract & reference.

  • Gregory V. Chockler, Nabil Huleihel and Danny Dolev
    An Adaptive Totally Ordered Multicast Protocol that Tolerates Partitions.
    ps, ps.gz
    abstract & reference.

  • Ohad Rodeh, Kenneth P. Birman, Mark Hayden, Zhen Xiao , Danny Dolev
    The Architecture and Performance of Security Protocols in the Ensemble Group Communication System
    Submitted for review
    ps, ps.gz
    abstract & reference.

  • Ohad Rodeh, Kenneth P. Birman, Danny Dolev
    Dynamic Virtual Private Networks
    ps, ps.gz
    abstract & reference.

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