CONGRESS: CONnection-oriented Group address RESolution Service

Authors: Anker Tal. Breitgand David. Dolev Danny. Levy Zohar.

Submitted for publication.


This paper presents CONGRESS: a CONnection-oriented Group-address RESolution Service. CONGRESS is an efficient native ATM protocol for resolution and management of multicast group addresses in an ATM WAN and complements the native ATM multicast mechanisms. CONGRESS is not concerned with application data transmission, but only resolves multicast group addresses for applications. Applications can use the resolved addresses, in order to implement a many-to-many communication model. CONGRESS employs hierarchically organized servers in order to be scalable. CONGRESS' hierarchy is naturally mapped onto the ATM Private Network to Network Interface peer group hierarchy. CONGRESS communication overhead for management of a single multicast group is linear in the size of the group.

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