MinReg: Inferring an Active Regulator Set

Dana Pe'er

Aviv Regev

Amos Tanay

10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology 2002


Regulatory relations between genes are an important component of molecular pathways. Here, we devise a novel global method that finds a small set of relevant active regulators from a set of gene expression profiles, identifies the genes that they regulate, and derives their functional annotations. We show that our algorithm is capable of handling a large number of genes in a short time and robust to a wide range of parameters. We apply our method to a combined dataset of {\em S. cerevisiase} expression profiles, and validate the resulting model of regulation by cross-validation and extensive biological analysis of the selected regulators and their derived annotations.

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MinReg is an algorithm that finds a small set of regulators that best explain gene expression data and for each such gene infers the genes it regulates. MinReg is currently interfaced to GeneSys, and interactive visualizer which both visualizes and performs post analysis on the resulting regulation structure as performed in the paper.


Current version is under beta testing. If you are interested in using the software package, please contact danab@cs.huji.ac.il