Current students

  1. Guy Medan, PhD candidate
  2. Refael Vivanti, PhD candidate
  3. Achia Kronman, PhD candidate
  4. Eli Ben Shimol, PhD candidate
  5. Assaf Spanier, PhD candidate
  6. Naomi Shamul, PhD candidate
  7. Adi Szeskin, PhD candidate
  8. Michael Braginsky, MSc candidate
  9. Dror Cohen, MSc candidate
  10. Oren Shauli, MSc candidate
  11. Yigal Shenkman, MSc candidate
  12. Clara Herscu, MSc candidate

Lab projects

  1. Elad Guttel
  2. Zeev Adelman
  3. Ilia Marek


Former students (MSc and PhD theses)

Ilya Kovler, MSc 2015. Haptic 3D virtual bone model manipulation in orthopaedics.

Or Bartal, MSc, 2015. Euclidean minimum spanning tree with dependent uncertainties.

Lior Weizman, PhD 2013. Automatic methods for tumor segmentation and follow-up in MR images.

Yonatan Myers, PhD 2013. Geometric uncertainty with dependencies.

Miri Trope, MSc 2013. Planning safe trajectories in image-guided keyhole neurosurgery.

Dina Helfer, MSc 2012. Fast semi-automatic Plexiform Neurofibroma tumor segmentation in MRI scans.

Yehonathan Sela, MSc 2011. fMRI-based detection and classification of liver diseases using mice models.

Refael Vivanti, MSc, 2011. Modeling and preoperative planning for kidney surgery.

Moti Freiman, PhD, 2010. Shape constraint optimization for medical image segmentation and registration.
MSc. 2005. Three-way registration for robot-assisted image-guided targeting for minimally invasive neurosurgery.

Ruby Shamir, PhD, 2010. Improving accuracy and safety in image-guided keyhole neurosurgery.
MSc. 2005. Miniature robot system for keyhole neurosurgery

Eran Peleg, PhD, 2009 (co-advisor). Patient-specific quantitative analysis of bone fracture fixations.

Gurion Rivkin, MD, 2009 (co-advisor). Evaluation of intertrochanteric femur fracture fixation using a finite element model.

Miriam Natanzon, MSc, 2009. Nearly automatic liver vessels segmentation of CTA patient scans.

Noah Broide, MSc, 2009. A graph-based approach to carotid arteries CTA patient-specific segmentation.

Yoav Taieb, MSc, 2009. An iterative Bayesian method for liver tumors segmentation.

Ofer Elisassaf, MSc, 2009. Nearly automatic liver contour segmentation.

Aviv Hurvitz, MSc, 2008. Registration of a CT-like atlas to fluoroscopic X-ray images using intensity correspondences.

Yair Yarom, MSc, 2008. Electromagnetic tracking in a fluoroscopy-based orthopaedic surgical environment.

Pavel Katz, MSc, 2006. Liver tumor segmentation and volume computation with user-guided 3D active contours.

Yaron Ostrovsky-Berman, PhD, 2005. Shape and position uncertainty in mechanical assemblies.

Ziv Yaniv, PhD. 2004. Fluoroscopic X-ray image guidance for manual and robotic surgery.
MSc. 1998. Fluoroscopic image processing and registration for computer-aided orthopaedic surgery.

Yoram Weil, MD, 2004 (co-advisor). Percutaneous compression plate for the fixation of intertrochanteric fractures using a computerized fluoroscopic navigation system.

Dotan Knaan, MSc. 2003. Intensity-based 2D/3D rigid registration of fluoroscopic X-ray to CT.

Harel Lyviatan, MSc. 2003, Rector Honors List. Gradient-based 2D/3D rigid registration of fluoroscopic X-ray to CT.

Moti Melloul, MSc. 2001. Segmentation of micro calcifications in X-ray mammograms using entropy thresholding.

Ofri Sadowsky, MSc. 2001. Contact and image-based rigid registration in computer-assisted surgery: materials, methods, and experimental results.

Dudi Einey, BSc, Excellence Program, 2004. Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Yoav Lasovsky, MSc. 1998. Approximate motion planning in planar geometrically complex situations.

Lana Tockus, MSc. 1997. A system for computer-aided fluoroscopic image-guided bone fracture surgery.

Former students (Projects)

Hagai Weinfield, BA, Lab project, 2015.

Moshe Samson, BSc, Engineering project, 2015

Shlomo Shenzis, BSc, Engineering project, 2015

Naama Antebe, BSc Engineering project, 2017

Ido Lokay,BSc Engineering project, 2017


Dr. Ofri Sadowsky