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18.9.05 MoedB solution can be found here .

- During the appeal session on Friday, I was convinced to except answer B of question 12 as a correct answer. Although this answer is *not* correct, there was a certain way to understand the question such that the correct answer (A) is false. There will be another appeal session of moed A in one of the coming Fridays. I know that for some of you, Friday is not a good day but I just can't make it on any other day of the week.

- Due to some technical problems, the final grades are not updated in the university grading system yet. I hope it will be published during the following days.

29.8.05 As you all probably know already, the grades in the university system (as opposed to the cs system) are only of Moed-A and are not the final ones.

17.8.05 Moed A grades are finally available through our internal grader system (the university system is also updated).

7.8.05 The grades for exercise 5 are now published. We apologize for the delay.

28.6.05 There are some explanations about moed-A that you can find here .

27.6.05 Moed-A and it's solution can be found here .

26.6.05 If you wish that your exercises grade from the dast course of last year, will be calculated as the exercises grade of oop, please send me a personal mail (mosenzon@cs.huji.ac.il) with 'dast' as a subject.You should do so, withing the following week. Ori.

22.6.05 The three last lectures are now published.

10.6.05 Here are some instructions regarding the exam.

10.6.05 The deadline of ex5 is postponed to Friday the 17th.
- Note that in ex5, you can use the data structures of the standard library of Java.
- You may assume that the user of the Hash Table will not enter two different objects under the same key.

7.6.05 Ex3 grades published.

7.6.05 Ex5 is now published.

02.6.05 Grades of ex2 after appeals published. Whoever sees mistakes or still unhappy with a grade- email oop@cs till Sunday.

25.5.05 The pseudo presentations of today can found here and here .

20.5.05 Ex4: There was a minor bug in SimpleInput.java. The bug is fixed now.
Please note that the demand for exception handling is only for Q4.

18.5.05 Ex4 is finally published.

17.5.05 Ex2 grades published, if you have any question or appeal, send e-mail to oop@cs. graders.

10.5.05 As you've surely noticed, the posting of ex4 is delayed. I hope to post it by the end of the week. Ori.

14.4.05 The source code of the Gui of ex3 can be found here . Q3.jar used to print the word 'minutes' instead of 'seconds'. The new Q3.jar on the site prints 'seconds'. The interface Copiable was added to the exercise folder.

14.4.05 There are some updates about ex3.

12.4.05 Ex3 is ready to download.

8.4.05 Please send any appeals about the exercise checking, directly to the checks: oop@cs.huji.ac.il . The subject should be the exercise number. Thus now it should be "ex1".

8.4.05 Tal and Yair are two 3rd year cs students that give support hours at the labs. Their hours are listed in the administration section. Please, do not hesitate to contact them with any difficulties you have. They said they might even answer questions in the course's newsgroup.

4.4.05 The eadline of ex2 is postponed to Thursday the 7.4.05 .

3.4.05 Ex1 grades:
Just a partial list of ex1 grades published.

1.4.05 A few clarifications about ex2:
1. The DFS order is not unique, you may implement any legal DFS order.
2. If you need a richer user interface for your bonus algorithms, just use the console (System.out,System.in).
3. The Graph may contain an edge from a vertex to itself and multiple edges between two verteces. If you want you can also forbid these situations.
4. It is acceptable in this exercise to clear the canvas and draw the whole graph again, when a vertex is being moved.

23.3.05 I added the source code of the Gui of ex2. Feel free to play with it, even if you're not sure what you're doing. You may not, however, use built in graphic utilities to ease your work on Q3. Ori.

23.3.05 A general rule in this course: if you find a bug in an executable of an exercise (like Q3.jar), note that your application is not required by the checkers to behave better.

23.3.05 Exercise 2: After a data structure has been changed, its iterators are invalid, their behavior is not defined.

22.3.05 Exercise 2 is ready to download.

21.3.05 From this week onwards: The T'irgul of Thursday 13:00 is moved to Wednesday 13:00 in Shprintzak 28.

11.3.05 We are trying to solve the problem of the crowded t'irgul of Wednesday 15:00. We think of moving the t'irgul of Thursday 13:00 to Thursday 11:00 or to Wednesday 13:00. Please contact Gilad Freedman to state you preferences (giladfreedmn@cs).

11.3.05 Please note that I do *not* reply to personal emails that contain questions about the material. Ori.

7.3.05 The broken link at the exercises section has been fixed. You can now watch the 'howto submit' document.

3.3.5 You don't have to send the 'dast' email now, if you are not sure that you want to take this option. You can wait until the end of the semester to do that. And another clarification: the dast grades that will be transfered are only the practical ones not the theoretical ones. And yet another clarification: In any case, you will need to take the final exam. the final exam will include practical material that was not learned in dast. take that into consideration. You will might want to convince yourself that you can solve all the exercises in this course.

3.3.05 People who studied dast last year can be exempt from *all* the exercises of this course and have their exercises grade of this course, equal to their exercises grade in dast. If you want to take this option, please email me personally (mosenzon@cs.huji.ac.il) and ensure the subject of the mail is dast (a subject with only 4 characters). Ori.

2.3.05 Only in this week: the two T'irgulim of Thursday are moved from Shprinzak 115 to "lower Papick".

2.3.05 The first exercise is ready to download in the exercises section.

1.3.05 All news will be posted here in a reverse chronological order.

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