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20.8.05 The grades of moed B are now published in the grader system.

27.7.05 The solution of moed B can be found here .

14.3.05 The grades of moedA are published on the 'grader' system.

19.2.05 Published grades for exercise 3 and exercise 4.

1.2.05 The solution of moed-A can be found here . 30.1.05 Until now there were no requestos for answering questions hour before labcpp exam. if you want such an hour please ask from secretary.

30.1.05 Reception hour for appeals on the labc exam will be at tuesday 1.2.05, 17:00 at ross 214.

22.1.05 The grades of the final exam in labc are now available trough the grades-system of the course.

19.1.05 Instructions about the exam can be found here . I put some lectures that "did not make it" to be taught. These lectures contain knowledge that you will probably need as a C++ programmer but you don't need for the exam of this course.

19.1.05 Today's t'irgul can be found here . A link to an online documentation on STL can be found in the 'resources' section.

19.1.05 ex2's grades have been published.

18.1.05 Tomorrow (Wednesday) all lessons will take place as usual.

18.1.05 Since I'm still sick, I won't be able to teach today and the lectures, tirgul and support hours are cancelled. Ori.

16.1.05 ex4 is finally published. It is smaller than intended, but the time is also shorter than intended.

15.1.05 ex4 was not published yet, because I got sick. I hope to publish it in the near future. Ori.

11.1.05 The submission deadline of ex3 is postponed in one day to 13.1.05.

11.1.05 Here is a document about Exception handling in C++ (will be discussed in the t'irgul).

4.1.05 If points have been taken from your ex1 grade because you didn't check the result of memory allocation - these points were now returned. Your grades are updated.

3.1.05 Here is a document that explains how to manipulate files in C++.

3.1.05 Just to make sure: here is a corrected version of this makefile. Make sure to use this version for your ex3.

3.1.05 I've just been notified about a bug in the gui skeleton makefile. Since my gui.cpp includes App.h, App.h should appear in gui.o dependencies list. A living example of question 13 of your labc exam.. causes very peculiar bugs. I didn't do it on purpose, it is caused by a minor change I did in the last minute.. I'm surprised, however, that people didn't say anything until now. Please note that the bug will not make any effect in the checking process, since the checkers need to compile all your source file. Ori. (thanks Dima)

3.1.05 The third exercise is now posted. Please note that this is the one-before-the-last-exercise and hence obligatory also for the students who declared that they know C++.

29.12.04 The deadline for ex2 is postponed to Sunday the 2.1.05.

29.12.04 The shell script examples shown in the Tirgul can be found here .

27.12.04 Exercise 1 grades were published. All the hard copies will be available in Ross -2 by tomorrow.

22.12.04 The emacs tips that were presented at the ti'rgul can be found here .

22.12.04 If you feel you know C++ and the exercises don't help you, you can sign a declaration at the secretary office and do only the last two exercises and the final exam. Your final grade will be calculated by considering only those three parameters.

16.12.04 If you submitted ex. 1 to labc box - don't worry, the exercises will be graded (and no points will be taken off, obviously).

15.12.04 Check out the coding style requirements of the exercises section.

11.12.04 Some information about the exam of labc can be found at the labc homepage .

6.12.04 The first exercise is already posted.

6.12.04 Please check out the new support hours.

4.12.04 All news will be posted here in a reverse chronological order.

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