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2.5.05 The grades of moed B are now available through the grader-system.

21.4.05 Moed B and it's solution can be found here .

30.1.05 Reception hour for appeals on the labc exam will be at tuesday 1.2.05, 17:00, at ross 214.

22.1.05 The grades of the final exam are now available trough the grades system.

09.01.05 All grades for ex 4 should be published now. If your grade is not, send us mail (one for every Ex).

05.01.05 There are some ex3 solutions that not checked meanwhile, because of sick of one of the graders, be patient about it.

18.12.04 The right answer for question 12 of the exam is "c" and not "d" like was posted in the solution (thanks amichai).

17.12.04 The solution of moed A, can be found here .

16.12.04 Exam note: The division of students into rooms will be in the usual way - a list of names hanged at ?? (I'm not sure I remember correctly, Levin maybe ?).

15.12.04 The exam rooms: chimya 7, matematica 2, matematica 110, levin 8. The exams starts on 10:00AM.

14.12.04 The solutions of ex3 and ex4 are now posted.

11.12.04 Information about the exam, could be found here . You can look at this exam to get a general idea about the type of questions that you may be asked.Its solution can be found here .

30.11.04 The code of today's t'irgul could be found here and here . The tips for using GNU/linux, could be found here .

30.11.04 The deadline for ex4 is postponed to Sunday the 5.12.04.

30.11.04 Since the aquarium's opening hours were changed, the support hours is given in Ross -2. Ori.

29.11.04 If you have taken last year's plab course and you wish to transfer its exercises grade to this course, please send me a personal email to mosenzon@cs.huji.ac.il with 'plab' as a subject. Ori.

28.11.04 All students' solutions for Ex2. can be found at Ross-2

26.11.04 The Jerusalem GNU/Linux club is organizing an installation party of GNU/Linux. The event will take place on the 1.12.04 (this Wednesday), in Shprinzak building, Givaat Ram. Anyone can bring her/his computer and experts will help her/him installing the system or configuring an already installed system (hebrew fonts, multimedia problems, internet connection, etc). More details could be found here.

24.11.04 Note that starting from this Sunday, you will need your OTP signature, in order to submit your exercise from home.

24.11.04 The policy for people who got sick and have a medical approval, is the same as the M'luim policy.

24.11.04 Due to several technical reasons, the late submission penalty for ex3 is postponed in one day. This means that if you've submitted your exercise on Tuesday the 23th, no points will be reduced for late submission. If you've submitted on the 24th, 5 points will be reduced, and so forth.

22.11.04 General 'Miluim' policy: for each day you spent in the army and that you were supposed to work on an exercise, you get an automatic 1-day-delay of the exercise deadline. You don't need a special permission, just add a copy of the 'Yellow form' of the m'luim to the hard copy. If the delay is 4 days or more, you can ask Ori for an exempt.

17.11.04 Today I'll be at the aquarium between 15:30-17:30 to help with ex3. Ori.

16.11.04 The deadline of ex3 is postponed in one day to Monday the 22.11.04.

16.11.04 Final exams dates: moed A-17.12.04, moed B-21.4.05.

16.11.04 Some notes on gdb (the GNU debugger) could be found here .

16.11.04 here is an important note from the graders.

16.11.04 q2.c of ex3: I forgot to write "free(v);" at the end of main. Leave it as it is and don't worry about the memory leak problem.

15.11.04 There are good news and bad news. The good news are that the department has bought an excellent tool to detect memory problems. The bad news are that the tool is extremely expensive and there are only three licenses. This means that only three persons can use it at the same time.
The name of the tool is 'Insure'. In order to use it you will first need to add its path to your path environment variable. The following shell command does the work (assuming you are using c-shell):
$ set path = (/usr/local/insure/bin $path)

You probably want to add it as your last line of your '.cshrc' file in order to make it permanent. When you wish to check your code for memory problems, add the word insure before your compilation command. for example:
$ insure gcc -Wall check.c -o check

A new window will appear. You can now run your application as usual and the detected errors will appear on the new window:
$ check

10.11.04 ex3 is ready to download.

5.11.04 Please *do not* use my personal email address for personal issues. You can contact me during the support hours or during the break between lessons/tirgulim. Ori.

3.11.04 If you want to verify that you free all the allocated memory, you can use a tool named 'valgrind' which is already installed on the cs system. Usage example:

$ valgrind --leak-check=yes q1c

Where q1c is your executable. The un-freed memory (if exists) is listed at the end of the printing.
Note that valgrind can also detect access to invalid memory areas (thus also array overflow) and re-free() of a freed area. However, valigrind is *not perfect*. I managed to make some illegal pointers work without being detected.
The version which is installed on the cs system is not the latest one. The lates version can be downloaded from valgrind's site . Ori.

2.11.04 In q3 of ex2: you may assume that each line of the input is no longer than 1024 characters.

30.10.04 The submission deadline for ex2 is postponed to Sunday the 7.11.04.

27.10.04 All the answers about exempts from this course, the workshop in C++ course and exercises grade of people who failed Plab last year, could be found here .

27.10.04 You may submit the exercise (both manually and electronicly) until Ross is closed (~2:00AM).

26.10.04 The email of the course (labc@cs.huji.ac.il) is read only by the course checkers, not by me. Please use it only for exercise - appeals. Ori.

26.10.04 regarding the bonus: if you implement it, submit it as q4.c . your q3.c should do the regular task.
The bonus is an addition of 0-10 points to your grade, depending on how impressive your algorithm is.

26.10.04 Late submission policy:
-one day : 5 points off.
-two days : 10 points off.
-three days: 15 points off.
-more: the exercise will not be accepted.

Friday is considered a valid submission date but Saturday doesn't. This means that Saturday doesn't count as one of the days of the late submission.

26.10.04 Just in case it is not already clear: the exercises are personals, i.e. *not* in pairs.

25.10.04 ex2 is ready to download.

25.10.04 In ex1 you can get a bonus for eliminating all the symmetric solutions from the 8 queens problems.
I said it in the tirgul in an informal manner. Sorry for not posting it earlier. Ori.

25.10.04 Note that if you implement a Bonus, you must specify it clearly in the readme file. Otherwise the checkers might miss it.

24.10.04 If you need to see me personally, you can find me each Tuesday between 8:30AM to 11:30AM at the aquarium. Ori.

24.10.04 Note that q1 expects integers as input.

24.10.04 Please note that the newsgroup is for your own use, it is not meant for staff-support. If I need to post some note, I put it here, on the bulletin board. Ori.

20.10.04 If you are having problems producing the exact output as ours, you might want to try using this very simple application that convert a file to its asciii code representation. To use it just type:
$ toAscii < q1.out
this will print the conversion of q1.out to ascii code.
The source code of this application could be found here (thanks Matan).

20.10.04 A few bugs of q1 were fixed and now it works also for a != 1. Please note that we do not care what your q1 does on incorrect input or when a==0.

19.10.04 tomorrow (Wednesday) I'll be at the computer lab (aquarium) from 13:30 to 16:00. feel free to ask any question. Ori.

17.10.04 All news will be posted here in a reverse chronological order.

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