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I am currently a research assistant at Oxford University , UK.
I obtained my Ph.D from the Hebrew University in 2016, under the supervision of Prof. Orna Kupferman.
I have an M.Sc (summa cum laude) in Computer Science, and a B.Sc (magna cum laude) in Mathematics and Computer Science, from HUJI.

Academic Interests:

Formal Verification, Synthesis, Automata theory, Weighted logics, CS Theory in general.


Things I wrote that may be of interest to someone sometime:


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Compu 2011

DAST 2010

Cool Stuff:

Find tex symbol by handwriting it.

Online tex equation editor.

Online sketching.

Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.

Complexity Zoo.

CS Theory at Stackexchange and CS at Stackexchange.

What should you drink while listening to your favorite music?

Non-academic Interests:

I taught high-school math at the Israeli Arts and Science Academy [2012-2015]

Hobbies: Playing drums, guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, writing, reading, and watching movies.

You can listen to some of my recorded songs here.

I've been known to burst into song with Jonathan Mosheiff


Office: 073-3894594