Tzachy Reinman

Ph.D. student

School of Computer Science & Engineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Email: lastname (at)


My research interests are cryptography, privacy and computer security.
My advisors are Prof. Danny Dolev and Prof. Benny Pinkas (Bar Ilan University).
I am a member of the Distributed Algorithms, Networking and Secure Systems Group.


Oblivious RAM Revisited
Benny Pinkas and Tzachy Reinman
Crypto 2010, August 15-19 2010, Santa Barbara, CA.
Full version is available in [eprint]

Peer-to-Peer Secure Multi-Party Numerical Computation Facing Malicious Adversaries
D. Bickson, T. Reinman, D. Dolev and B. Pinkas
In Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications (PPNA) journal, Springer, May 2009.
[arxiv], [Springer]

Analysis of the Linux Random Number Generator
Z. Gutterman, B. Pinkas, and T. Reinman
The 2006 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland Conference), May 21-24, 2006.
[eprint], [presentation]
This work was also presented by Zvi Gutterman at the Black Hat USA 2006 Conference.
[abstract], [presentation], [video]

Master Thesis

My master thesis is on the Linux Pseudo Random Number Generator (LRNG).
The thesis can be downloaded in PS or PDF formats.
My advisor was Prof. Dahlia Malkhi and I worked closely with Zvi Gutterman, a PhD candidate at the time.
We worked on Linux kernel version 2.6.10. The main source file of this version, random.c, can be downloaded here.


Presenting ORAM Revisited in the posters session of CRYPTODAY 2010 in the Technion.

In a Summer School on Rational Cryptography, Bertinoro Italy 2008