Prof. Shmuel Peleg
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


US Patent Title
9,877,086 Method and system for producing relevance sorted video summary.
9,672,626 Method and system for generating adaptive fast forward of egocentric videos.
8,949,235 Method and System for Producing a Video Synopsis using Clustering. Also Japanese Patent JP5432677.
8,818,038 Method and System for Video Indexing and Video Synopsis. A Divisional of US 8,311,277.
8,593,506 Method and System for Forming a Panoramic Image of a Scene Having Minimal Aspect Distortion.
8,514,248 Method and System for Producing a Video Synopsis. A Divisional of US 8,102,406.
8,311,277 Method and System for Video Indexing and Video Synopsis. Also Australian patent AU2007345938, Japanese Patent JP5355422, Chinese Patent ZL2007800506100, Korean Patent KR10-1456652, and Israeli Patent IL199687.
8,249,394 Method and System for Shift-Map Image Editing.
8,102,406 Method and System for Producing a Video Synopsis. Also European patent EP1955205, Chinese Patent ZL2006800487548, Japanese patent JP4972095, Australian patent AU2006314066, Korean Patent KR10-1420885, Canadian Patent CA 2640834, and Israeli Patent IL191232.
7,852,370 Method and System for Spatio-Temporal Video Warping. Also Israeli Patent IL182006.
EP1234278 (European Patent) System and Method for Rectified Mosaicing of Images Recorded by a Moving Camera. German patent DE60043452. Also Japanese patent JP4372382.
7,477,284 System and Method for Capturing and Viewing Stereoscopic Panoramic Images. Also Japanese patent JP5719754.
7,373,019 System and Method for Providing Multi-Sensor Super-Resolution.
7,109,993 Method and System for the Automatic Computerized Audio Visual Dubbing of Movies.
7,006,124 Generalized Panoramic Mosaic. Also European Patent EP0954828, German Patent DE69827232 Israeli Patent IL131056, and Japanese Patent JP4007619.
6,831,677 System and method for facilitating the adjustment of disparity in a stereoscopic panoramic image pair.
6,795,109 Stereo panoramic camera arrangements for recording panoramic images useful in a stereo panoramic image pair. Also European Patent EP1292854, German Patent DE60037040, Israeli patent IL149724, and Japanese patent JP3952776.
6,714,665 Fully automated iris recognition system utilizing wide and narrow fields of view.
6,665,003 System and method for generating and displaying panoramic images and movies. Also European Patent EP1048167, Israeli Patent IL136128, and Japanese patent JP5358015.
6,532,036 Generalized panoramic mosaic.
6,492,990 Method for the automatic computerized audio visual dubbing of movies. Also Israeli patent IL115552.
6,434,280 System and method for generating super-resolution-enhanced mosaic images.
6,075,905 Method and apparatus for mosaic image construction. Also European Patent EP0979487, Method and apparatus for aligning images, and German Patent DE69735488.
5,768,447 Method for indexing image information using a reference model.
5,067,014 Three-frame technique for analyzing two motions in successive image frames dynamically. Also European Patent EP0513047 and German Patent DE69127809.

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