Prof. Shmuel Peleg
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Research Area: Computer Vision and Image Processing
Short Biography. (Bio at Uni. of Maryland)

Contact Details

School of Computer Science and Engineering
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
91904 Jerusalem, Israel


Room B513 (5th Floor, Wing B), Rothberg Building, Givat Ram Campus [ Map ]

Waze to Building: Rothberg Family Buildings; or: בנין רוטברג להנדסה ומדעי המחשב

E-mail: peleg mail.huji.ac.il
Phone+Fax: +972 (2) 549-4556

Cellular: +972 (54) 520-5001
US Phone: +1 (727) 475-5656

Project Pages

Video 2 Speech | Egosampling | Video Synopsis | Stereo (3D) Panorama
The Computer Vision Foundation


May 2018:   BriefCam acquired by Canon    

July 2016: BriefCam at Rio Olympics   CNN;   YouTube ;   中華電視公司

An Article in Popular Science about Video Synopsis, Aug. 2014.

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