Matan Ninio

I'm a PhD student in the Computer Science department of the The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
I'm part of the Bio-Information lab and the Machine Learning lab and I work with Dr. Nir Friedman

Research Interests

my research interests include molecular evolution, phylogenetic tree reconstruction and learning in high dimensional spaces from data.


my master's thesis, entitled "A Structural EM Algorithm for Phylogenetic Inference" can be found here ( in pdf format and in compressed Postscript format



I'm currently a teaching assistant in the Computer Construction course, here at the department.


Aug. 13th, 2002, NYC

I live with my wife Efrat in Jerusalem, in an apartment we share with two cats, Shalom and George

here is a picture from our wedding in New York City, on 13th of August, 2002


picture by Javier Grinfeld. I was holding his fins :-)

I'm a very enthusiastic scuba-diver, and I try to be underwater about as much as I can possibly afford. I mainly dive in Eilat, but try to get the Med whenever the conditions are right (mainly winter).

I've put up some dive related material, including an underwater map of Eilat and information about the first documented sighting of a Great White Shark in the north of the Red Sea.

you can Email me at

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