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Matan Ninio וינינ ןתמ and Efrat Ninio וינינ תרפא (previosly Gilad)
Maya Tamar Ninio וינינ רמת היאמ
Here is a picture from our wedding in New York City, on 13th of August, 2002

You can search through the pictures from our wedding party in Jerusalem

Shalom Ninio םולש

Shira Ninio וינינ הריש
Anat Ninio וינינ תנע
Moshe Ninio וינינhome home page
and his picture: Very High resolution or just high resolution

Arza Gilad דעלג הזרא- Arza Design - Efrat's sister and a maker of stylish handbags

George Stu. Gilad 'גרו'ג , our loved cat, was run over on the evening of the 22/9/04. He is missed greatly.

and this month's special guest:

A Great White Shark as seen by us In Eilat (at the north-east tip of the Red Sea), 26/01/02 under the fish farms.
This is the first documented encounter with a GW in the north of the Red Sea.

PokeyBun (from Sluggy Freelance)