About Me



Well, I don’t have a picture of me, so this is a gecko.

  1. I am Yair Yarom, and I am a programmer.

  2. I work in the System Group of the Computer Science and Engineering School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I help making sure that most things run almost smoothly.

  3. I have an M.Sc degree in Computer Science from the above university, which I did in the Computer Aided Surgery and Medical Image Processing lab.


I spend most of the day (i.e. light hours) in the Hebrew University, Givat Ram, Ross building, room 101 (system room). If you don’t want to walk that far (statistically, it will be far for you), you can simply send me an e-mail to: irush@cs.huji.ac.il   

If you were looking for my (void, null and obsolete) previous site, it is still available (though there’s nothing interesting there).