I am a biostatistician at Flatiron Health in New York working on outcomes research using observational clinicogenomic databases. I also collaborate with Shai Carmi at Hebrew University on research in preimplantation genetic testing and statistical genetics.



Peer Reviewed Articles

·      D. Backenroth, F. Zahdeh, Y. Kling, A. Peretz, T. Rosen, D. Kort, S. Zeligson, T. Dror, S. Kirshberg, E. Burak, R. Segel, E. Levy-Lahad, D. Zangen, G. Altarescu, D. Zeevi, S. Carmi (2018). Haploseek: a 24-hour all-in-one method for preimplanation genetic diagnosis (PGD) of monogenic disease and aneuploidy. Genetics in Medicine.

·      D. Backenroth, Z. He, K. Kiryluk, B. Xu, L. Pethukova, B. Vardarajan, E. Khurana, A. Christiano, J. Buxbaum, I. Ionita-Laza (2018). FUN-LDA: A latent Dirichlet allocation model for predicting tissue-specific functional effects of noncoding variation. American Journal of Human Genetics. 

·      D. Backenroth, J. Goldsmith, M. Harran, J. Cortes, J. Krakauer, T. Kitago (2018).  Modeling motor learning using heteroskedastic functional principal components analysis. Journal of the American Statistical Association. 

·      C. Keating, A.D. Poor, X. Liu, C. Chiuzan, D. Backenroth, Y. Zhang, E. DiMango (2017). Reduced survival in adult cystic fibrosis despite attenuated lung function decline. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis. 

·      D. Backenroth, H. Chase, C. Friedman, Y. Wei (2016). Using rich data on comorbidities in case-control study design with electronic health record data improves control of confounding in the detection of adverse drug reactions. PLOS ONE. 

·      S.M. Lee, D. Backenroth, Y.K. Cheung, D.L. Hershman, D. Vulih, B. Anderson, P. Ivy, L. Minasian (2016).  Case example of dose optimization using data from Bortezomib dose-finding clinical trials.  Journal of Clinical Oncology. 

·      D. Backenroth, J. Homsy, L.R. Murillo, J. Glessner, E. Lin, M. Brueckner, R. Lifton, E. Goldmuntz, W.K. Chung, Y. Shen (2014). CANOES: Detecting rare copy number variants from whole exome sequencing data. Nucleic Acids Research.

·      D. Backenroth, H. Chase, Y. Wei, C. Friedman (2017). Monitoring prescribing patterns using regression and electronic health records. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 

Articles submitted/under review

·      D. Backenroth, R.T. Shinohara, J. Schrack, J. Goldsmith. Non-negative decomposition of functional count data. 

·      D. Backenroth, S. Carmi. A test for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium on the X chromosome for sex-biased admixed populations.

Articles in preparation

·      D. Backenroth, S. Baxi. Development and validation of a prognostic score for any type of cancer based on structured data from EHRs.