Prof. Amnon Barak
  The High-Performance Systems research group

The group performs groundbreaking research and development in management
and run-time optimizations of high-end computing systems.

Research interests:

  • Randomized and deterministic algorithms for resilient computing in Exascale systems.
  • Parallel and distributed systems, algorithms and applications.
  • Parallel graph algorithms.
  • Run-time optimizations for GPUs in clusters using memory access patterns.
  • Algorithms for adaptive resource management in clouds.
  • A cluster management system for providing a single-system image.
      Selected publications              Erdös number: 1

  On-going projects:
      Previous projects

  Research students:

I am looking for bright and highly motivated students at all levels,
who are interested to perform innovative R&D in my research group.

  The distributed operating systems lab course (67845)

Individual projects for graduate and advanced undergraduate students.
Possible topics: distributed systems, high-performance computing,
randomized and deterministic resilient algorithms,
parallel and distributed computing and applications,
management of clusters and clouds, operating systems, scheduling algorithms.