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Ph.D Program

The Ph.D. program can last a few years, and is the most advanced level of academic studies. During his studies, the research student expands and deepens his knowledge in his chosen theme, to the point that he contributes his own questions and inquiries in that field. The vast range of topics researched at the school, by top of the line, world renowned researchers, creates a plethora of fascinating choices for the Ph.D. thesis, in computer science, applied physics and bio-medical engineering, along with other fields related to these.

The Ph.D. program is made up of a few stages. The first stage of work is to choose a Ph.D. advisor, and choose a research field for the Ph.D. thesis, under their guidance. Most of the time on the Ph.D. Program will be spent bringing up new questions in the chosen field of research and attempting to answer them in different ways, both theoretically and practically, under the advisors guidance. Beyond that it is required to take 12 units of the advanced courses taught at the school. This is in order to prepare the student for his research, deepen his knowledge of that field, and expand his knowledge of other relevant fields that are of interest to him. Research students who want to, are employed by the school as research assistants, and receive a fellowship (pending available positions). Being assistants gives them an opportunity to be involved in the academic life from another point of view, and can give their work a push forward. During the Ph.D. program, a research committee follows the student's progress in his research, once to approve his research plan, and at least once later on in the research. At the end of his research, the student must submit a thesis (written at the standard of professional literature) that summarizes his work.

The school of computer science and engineering gives the highest importance to the quality of the thesis paper, and is proud to be the source of many theses that were scientific breakthroughs. Most of the graduates of the Ph.D. program proceed to scientific research, in the universities or the industry.

For information about possible topics for research, the following websites are recommended:

General and administrative information for research students, about Ph.D. studies:

For further information, please consult with a research student advisor in the different departments, or for administrative assistance contact an advisor at the research students authority, the official academic authority, responsible for research student affairs at the Hebrew University.

The research student authority:

Sherman building in The Edmond J. Safra Campus, room 303. Telephone: 02-6584711. Office hours: Sun-Thu 10:00-13:00.

Shortened Ph.D program

There is a possibility to do a direct to Ph.D. program. B.Sc. graduates from Hebrew University and other universities, whose final grade was an 85 or higher, can apply for the shortened PhD. Program. In this program they can study for their Ph.D. without having to write an M.Sc. dissertation. The students curriculum will be assembled with the assistance of the M.Sc. advisor, and will include the customary curriculum for M.Sc.'s in that major.

For further information: http://science.huji.ac.il/cdshnaton/ma_10.html.