Implementing a Caching Service for Distributed CORBA Objects

Authors: Gregory V. Chockler, Danny Dolev, Roy Friedman and Roman Vitenberg.

In Proceedings of IFIP/ACM International Conference on Distributed Systems Platforms and Open Distributed Processing (Middleware'2000), 3rd - 7th April 2000, IBM Palisades Executive Conference Center, Hudson River Valley, NY, USA


This paper discusses the implementation of CASCADE, a distributed caching service for CORBA objects. Our caching service is fully CORBA compliant, and supports caching of active objects, which include both data and code. It is specifically designed to operate over the Internet by employing a dynamically built cache hierarchy. The service architecture is highly configurable with regard to a broad spectrum of application parameters. The main benefits of CASCADE are enhanced availability and service predictability, as well as easy dynamic code deployment and consistency maintenance.

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