The ParPar Project

The goal of the ParPar project is to provide a platform for research on parallel systems. Its premise is that such a system can be built totaly in software, based on off-the-shelf components. Thus the hardware base is a set of PCs with a fast local area network, and the software is based on a Unix kernel on each node.

The main software components and their interactions are depicted in the following figure:

The master daemon. This is the heart of the system. It is resopnsible for configuration management, resource management, etc. There is one masterd in the system, running on the host node.
The node daemon. It is responsible for local activities on the node, e.g. the spawning of sproc's. There is one on each node.
Master Control
A GUI used to interact with the masterd, in order to control the system (e.g. shutdown) and obtain information (e.g. about load conditions).
Job Rep
A GUI used to interact with the masterd in order to submit a job. It also connects directly to the sproc's in order to display standard I/O.
A "sub-process", i.e. a constituent of a parallel job (or xproc, for "extended process").
For more information, or if you want to do some work on this project, contact Dror Feitelson at You can also download the full design document (currently in version 0.2, at 77 pages and 140 KB; we're working on an updated version).


We also have a ParPar photo album (total about 145 KB)


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