Wavelet Warping

Iddo Drori and Dani Lischinski
School of Computer Science and Engineering, The Hebrew University

In Proceedings of 11th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, June 2000


We present wavelet warping, a new class of forward 3D warping algorithms for image-based rendering. In wavelet warping most of the warping operation is performed in the wavelet domain, by operating on the coefficients of the wavelet transforms of the images and other matrices defined by the mapping. Operating in this fashion is often more efficient than performing the 3D warp in the standard manner. Perhaps more importantly, operating in the wavelet domain allows one to perform the 3D warping operation progressively and to generate target views at multiple resolutions. We describe wavelet warping of planar, cylindrical, and spherical reference images and demonstrate that the resulting algorithms compare favorably to their standard counterparts. We also discuss and demonstrate utilization of temporal coherence when wavelet-warping image sequences.

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