Improved techniques for ray tracing parametric surfaces

Dani Lischinski and Jakob Gonczarowski


Several techniques for acceleration of ray tracing parametric surfaces are presented. Some of these are entirely new to ray tracing, while others are improvements of previously known techniques. First a uniform spatial subdivision scheme is adapted to parametric surfaces. A new space- and time-efficient algorithm for finding ray-surface intersections is introduced. It combines numerical and subdivision techniques, thus allowing utilization of ray-coherence and greatly reducing the average ray-surface intersection time. Non-scanline sampling orders of the image plane are proposed that facilitate utilization of coherence. Finally, a method to handle reflected, refracted, and shadow rays in a more efficient manner is described. Results of timing tests indicating the efficiency of these techniques for various environments are presented.

Citation: Dani Lischinski and Jakob Gonczarowski, Improved techniques for ray tracing parametric surfaces. The Visual Computer: International Journal of Computer Graphics, 6(3): 134--152, June 1990.

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