Lab seminars

CASMIP Lab seminars are held every other week on Wednesdays 9-10:30PM in Room B410, unless noted otherwise. These meetings are primarily meant as brainstorm sessions in which people present work in progress, intermediate results, and research plans.

CASMIP Lab Open day was held on July 5, 2017



This half-day event showcased projects and collaborations of the CASMIP laboratory in the fields of medical image processing and computer-aided surgery. Highlights of the event include:

  • Short presentations by ten students of the CASMIP lab on their projects
  • A keynote lecture by Jacob Sosna, Hadassah University Medical Center
  • An industry lecture by Elad Walach, CEO of Aidoc

Detailed schedule:

9:00-9:15   Greetings and Introduction

Prof. Leo Joskowicz Director, CASMIP Laboratory, School of Computer Science and Engineering

9:10-9:45   Invited talk

Computational Radiology: where we are now and were we are heading 

Prof. Jacob Sosna Chairman, Division of Radiology and Medical Imaging, Hadassah University Medical Center, Chairman of the Israel Radiological Association

9:45-10:30 Session 1

  1. Patient-specific and global Convolutional Neural Networks for robust automatic liver tumor detection and segmentation in follow-up CT scans          Refael Vivanti, Adi Szeskin (with A. Ephrat, Prof. J. Sosna, Dr. N. Lev-Cohain, Radiology Hadassah)
  1. Computer-based follow-up evaluation of tumors after radiosurgery in MRI scans Eli Ben Shimol and Ilia Marek (with Prof. Y. Shoshan, Dr. R. Eliahou, Neurosurgery, Hadassah)
  1. Medical Content-Based Image Retrieval: automatic method for the retrieval of CT scans with similar liver lesion characteristics. Assaf Spanier (with Prof. J. Sosna, Dr. N. Caplan, Radiology Hadassah)
  1. Segmentation and modeling of salivary ducts in cone-beam CT scans. Ido Lokay, Naama Antebi, Oren Shauli (with Dr. C. Brestel and Dr. C. Nadler, Oral Medicine, Hadassah)

10:30-11:00           Coffee Break

11:00-12:30           Session 2

  1. Segmentation quality estimation without ground truth. Dror Cohen (with Prof. J. Sosna, Dr. N. Caplan, Radiology Hadassah)
  1. Interactive segmentation correction based on uncertainty estimation. Elad Guttel
  1.  Interactive segmentation of fetuses in MRI scans. Michael Braginsky (with Drs. D. Ben Bashat, L. Ben Sira and D. Link, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center)
  1. Computer-aided diagnosis of sacroillitis in CT scans: method and first results. Clara Herscu (with Dr. A. Mayer and Prof. I. Eshed, Sheba Medical Center)
  1. Online X-ray Radon space dose optimization in repeat CT scans. Naomi Shamul (with data from GE Healthcare, Tirat Hacarmel)
  1. Reduced-dose imageless needle and patient tracking in interventional CT procedures. Guy Medan (with data from GE Healthcare, Tirat Hacarmel)

12:30-13:00           Invited company talk

Computational Radiology with Deep Learning: the new challenge

Elad Walach, CEO, Aidoc Ltd.

13:00-13:05           Concluding Remarks

13:05-13:30           Light lunch

2016-17 seminars

  • 30/11/2016:  Eli Ben Shimol,
    Computer-based radiological longitudinal evaluation of     
         meningiomas following stereotactic radiosurgery
  • 14/12/2016: Prof. Caroline Essert,
                              U. of  Strasbourg (guest lecturer)
         CRYOPLAN: Adaptive multi-needle cryoablation planning for  percutaneous image guided interventions
  • 28/12/2016:  Naomi Shamul
         Repeat CT scanning dose reduction without image quality loss
  • 11/01/2017: Dror Cohen
         Segmentation variability estimation without ground truth
  • 25/01/2017: Michael Braginsky
         Smart interactive segmentation of fetus body on MRI scans    

    Past seminars

  • 05/01/2016:  Assaf Spanier, Content-Based Image Retrieval in Radiology.
  • 19/01/2016:   Naomi Shamul, Reduced-dose repeat scans in CT.
  • 02/02/2016:  Guy Medan, Intraoperative needle tracking in CT scans.
  • 24/11/2015: Michael Braginski, Semi-automatic fetal brain segmentation in MRI scans. 
  • 08/12/2015:  Eli Ben ShimolTumor follow-up in radiation surgery.
  • 22/12/2015:  Prof. Laurent Cohen, U. of Paris, Geodesic Methods for Biomedical Image Segmentation.
  • 10/11/2015:   Refael Vivanti, Follow-up of lung tumors in CT scans.
  • 27/01/2015:  Aviv Mezer, PhD, Quantitative MRI.
  • 20/01/2015:  Eli Ben Shimol, Tumor follow-up in radiation surgery.
  • 06/01/2015:  Alex Kravtsov, 3D planning in bone fractures surgery.
  • 13/12/2014:   Refael Vivanti, Follow-up of lung tumors in CT scans.
  • 09/12/2014:  Guy Medan, 3D Radon Registration for CT scans.
  • 25/11/2014:   Assaf Spanier, Content-Based Image Retrieval in Radiology.
  • 11/11/2014:    Lior Weizman, Multiparametric MRI scanning.